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Aquaculture is a young, exciting and rapidly expanding industry, but one of its biggest limiting factors is disease. The salmon farming industry is barely 40 years old and much of its successful growth in that time is down to improved husbandry and the introduction of oil-based vaccines in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to fight disease. With the development of efficacious vaccines came the development of effective delivery systems. A vaccine is only effective if it is delivered in the correct place at the correct dose

We are the largest fish vaccination company in the world and lead the way through our pioneering techniques such as cod vaccination and PD vaccination.

We believe the welfare of the fish that we vaccinate is of the utmost importance. This is why we have developed our own Fish Welfare Code.

In the 1980’s farms employed their own staff to vaccinate fish by hand and with machines, but from the mid 1990’s specialist vaccination companies started to appear. These companies brought a high level of skill and today most salmon are vaccinated by specialist vaccination companies.

One of the main benefits of the introduction of oil based vaccines for aquaculture has been the reduction in the use of antibiotics. The industry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s changed from using antibiotics to cure disease outbreaks to using vaccines to prevent disease outbreaks. Not only is this much cheaper for the industry, it also prevents resistance to antibiotics building up and stops antibiotics entering the food chain.

At Aqualife, we provide trained teams, usually comprising four to six vaccinators and, if required, an operative to attend to the anaesthetising of the fish prior to vaccination.

We understand that our clients’ vaccination requirements can vary from client to client and site to site, and therefore work in partnership to understand the exact requirements. We are experienced in recommending and providing the perfect solution for each set of circumstances, and can advise on the set up, optimum operating vaccination systems and the most appropriate equipment, to ensure that the very best results are achieved.

Our techniques have been developed through our vast experience and in conjunction with leading experts in the field. We lead the fish vaccination field and have set new benchmarks for the industry ensuring every fish is injected accurately, safely and minimising levels of stress.

Our vaccination services are available for the protection against viral infections and disease for all types of commercially reared fish, including salmon, trout, cod, sea bass and halibut.

At Aqualife we pride ourselves in delivering the best procedures for in hand vaccination and machine vaccination.

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