Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd

Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd

Fisheries Policy, Strategic Planning, Legislation and Management


The Company has extensive experience in national, regional and international policy, legislation and management issues. Poseidon continues to deliver workable solutions to fisheries management both at the strategic level and through the development of fishery specific fisheries management plans. These plans are supported by a careful planning process which provides suppporting workplans aimed at delivering the required outcomes.

Policy papers have been produced for various organisations including FAO, WWF, the EU, Aus Aid, NZ Aid, national administrations and Regional Fishery Organisations, specifying policy objectives and tools. A number of regional policy reviews have also been undertaken. And global guidelines on best practice in relation to specific management issues have also been specified for a range of clients. Special attention is paid in all this work to articulation of trade-offs that may need to be made between objectives and strategies, and to implementation arrangements and frameworks, with careful specification of budgets, timeframes and individual/institutional responsibilities.

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