CGB Enterprises, Inc.

CGB Enterprises, Inc.

Grain Trading Services


From US domestic food processing and feed markets to export markets throughout the world, our experienced merchandisers can provide grain supplies and marketing alternatives to satisfy the needs of end users.

Global Export markets served by ocean going vessels…

If you are seeking grain and oilseeds, we have sophisticated systems in place to get you the right product at the right time.

Barges for movement on the inland waterways…

Are you in need of barges of grains shipped from or delivered to your docks on the various navigable waterways of North America? Our traders can buy or sell you grains and arrange the freight logistics so you can meet your needs. 

Rail markets served by the North America railroads…

We have the ability to ship you grain and oilseeds in quantities ranging from single cars to unit trains. Our merchandisers will source grain for you that have the specific quality and delivery times you need.

Truck delivery...

Our grain merchants can source commodities that meet your needs if you prefer truckload quantities. We are able to merchandise grain to many users such as ethanol plants, distilleries, food manufacturers, and feed lots. 

Premium Grains…

Do you need a specific characteristic or quality of grain or oilseeds? Our Premium GrainsSM Group can coordinate and supply the quality or trait you need by truck, rail, barge or ship all within our identity preserved system.

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