Nedap Cow Positioning



Dairy farms are rapidly growing in size. Do you milk 100 cows or more? Then you are no doubt aware that  tracing individual animals in the herd can be very time-consuming. That 's why Nedap has developed a  unique tool: Nedap Cow Positioning. At a glance you can see exactly where individual animals are in the barn   ' on the screen of your PC, tablet or smartphone.

For example, cows that still need to go through the milking  robot, the cows in heat that need to be inseminated, or animals that are in need of veterinary treatment. You  don 't have to go searching for them any more ' thanks to Nedap Cow Positioning you immediately know  where they are. So you 're no longer looking for cows, but fi nding cows. That saves time.  Nedap Cow Positioning is always combined with Nedap Heat Detection, Health Monitoring (Eating  Monitoring) and ISO identifi cation for feeding, separating and milk measurement. Because the great  added value of Nedap Cow Positioning is in the fast and accurate locating of specific cows in the barn.  Nedap is the fi rst company to combine heat detection, health monitoring and ISO identification in one  neck tag with an accurate system for locating individual cows. Nedap Cow Positioning is fully integrated  into the Nedap technical platform for cattle management.

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