Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd

Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Services


Poseidon works frequently for multilateral and bilateral agencies, NGOs and other clients at all stages of the project cycle. The company has extensive experience in designing projects, and in providing periodic monitoring/supervision and evaluation services during implementation, for example through supervision missions and Mid-Term Reviews. Programme and project performance are also evaluated on completion of interventions. Such design, monitoring and evaluation services are typically conducted against a set of criteria (efficiency/value for money, effectiveness, coherence, relevance, and sustainability), and against logical frameworks and relevant indicators (economic, social and environmental).

Examples of recent work includes: impact assessment of different policy options for reform of the EU CFP; ex ante and ex post evaluations of numerous Fisheries Partnership Agreements around the world, and of EU policies and expenditure (e.g. of technical measures regulations, EMFF and non EMFF EU financial measures); a global review of the impacts and effectiveness of donor interventions in the fisheries sector; periodic supervision and support missions; Mid-term and completion evaluations of large multi-country projects such as the South-West Indian Ocean Fisheries Project; and many assignments to design potential aquaculture (e.g. Uganda, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) and fisheries projects (e.g. in the Pacific).

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