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Service is the 'willingness to provide assistance, and the ability to render that assistance'. Smith Irrigation Equipment provides service before, during, and after the sale. We are willing to answer any questions for you related to your particular concerns prior to any purchase. After the purchase, we provide the same level of willingness to assure that your equipment functions as intended, whether it be instructions on how to operate a system or solve a problem. If an item needs physical repair or replacement, we can talk you through the process and furnish the needed parts, or, if you prefer, you can send the component to us and we will repair or replace it depending on it's condition. We provide this service on all the equipment we sell regardless of age. On some items such as engines and pumps, we offer direct replacements and do not do engine repairs.

One example of what we do for our customers is 'offering water turbine rebuilding service on the B series KIfco Water-reel. Although the turbines can be user serviced, it is a difficult task without special tools and experience. Our customers send their complete water turbine to us, usually by UPS, and we rebuild it replacing any damaged or worn parts, and return it to our customer by return UPS service. The process takes a very short time, which is mostly transit time. If it is an emergency, extra cost overnight shipping can be used. We only replace the part needed and return the turbines in new working condition. This service is more effective if the turbine is returned for service during the off season prior to a complete failure. A properly operating turbine results in less pressure loss across the turbine and a more effective irrigation system.

We also stock parts for old water-reel systems and are familiar with the functions of all the systems, new or old. We welcome your parts and repair business on new or old Kifco water-reel systems, whether you bought them from us or not.

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