Cantek Red Meat Technologies


Optimum care is dedicated to animal welfare in the paddock area to obtain the highest level in terms of meat quality, The minimum stress on the animals during the slaughter, employees' security and working efficiency constitute our main philosophy We design our systems and products to respect high standards of hygiene and industrial heavy working condition in all processing areas. For cooling carcass meat; instead of standard manufacturing and general cooling concept, we offer a new design and technology to have a long lasting and high quality meat. According to the general capacity of the slaughterhouse, we design and set up offal processing areas, machines and systems.

  • Turnkey services for slaughterhouses for cattle and sheep offer the following details:
  • General projecting for systems of electricity, construction and architecture, -Animal nutrition, paddock areas and systems
  • Equipment and automation for slaughtering fields,
  • Equipment and systems for Offal processing areas,
  • Veterinary and hygiene control areas,
  • Laboratory equipment and systems,
  • Carcass pre-cooling refrigeration systems,
  • System and automation for Low pH & wastage cold storage of carcass
  • Equipment and automation systems for meat processing areas,
  • Vacuum enclosure 60 & 90 days fresh meat storage technologies
  • Carcass and meat freezing vacuum systems,
  • Advanced machines and systems for meat processing,
  • Special filter hygiene ventilation and air conditioning systems for all areas in the slaughterhouse

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