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Triploidy Testing Services



Xelect is pleased to offer a fast and cost-effective flow cytometry service to assess success rates of triploid induction in the aquaculture industry. Since efforts to induce triploidy in commercial ova production are rarely 100% effective, our service is of great value to fish breeders seeking to optimise their processes and to certify the ploidy status of their product.

We use the latest generation of fast and efficient flow cytometry to generate accurate results.

Normal diploid cells have 2 copies of every chromosome in the nucleus. A triploid, or 3N nucleus has 3 copies. This means there is 50% more DNA in each cell. We homogenise tissue from embryos or older fish and use a fluorescent stain that binds to DNA. The flow cytometer passes nuclei over a laser one by one and records the DNA content by measuring fluorescence. Naturally, triploid nuclei will fluoresce 50% brighter than diploids, so the difference is clear.

Pricing and turnaround

Our standard service requires the customer to send us live eyed eggs or fresh tissue. Soft tissue such as eyes works best. We prepare the samples, run the analysis and produce a report. We can normally process a batch of 50-100 samples in under 48hrs.

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