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We offer Veterinarians in practice, practical on farm demonstrations on best practice approach to Herd Health through understanding the nutritional requirments for Ruminants, particulary during periods of metabolic stress such as calving and the transition period, dry cow management in general including the basic nutritional feed requirements that are the cornerstone of all ruminant diets.

We explain the energy requirmenets and the main causes of metabolic stresses in dry and lactaing cows and how these challenges can be easily overcome and detail the financial and health consequences to leaving these conditions undiagnosed.We explain fibre, protein and carbohydrate requirments for both grown and growing stock, what the main causes of appetite suppression are and how they can be prevented especially during periods of transition.

We give a understanding of how best to transition heifer calves from the shed to grass while avoiding setbacks.

We offer a basic audit check list applicable to all ruminant farms.

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