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For more than three decades, Ward Laboratories, Inc. has helped farmers and other ag producers get the most out of their operations by helping them get the most out of their soil. Ward’s rapid testing turnaround means that in as little as two days, you can have the facts at your fingertips to choose the crops, fertilizers and other amendments to help you maximize soil productivity, crop yield…and profits.

One test or a whole spectrum With Ward, you can test for a single element, or save money with economical packages that test each sample for a complete range of soil quality factors including pH, organic matter, texture and more.
Armed with this knowledge and the soil advice you’ll get from Ward, you can plan each year’s crops to make the most of available or amendable soil.

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Count on Ward Laboratories, Inc. for all your ag testing needs.

• Soil • Plant Tissue • Feed
• Fertilizer • Manure • Water

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For fast turnaround, accurate results, competitive pricing and great customer service, count on Ward Laboratories, Inc.

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