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- Digital Agriculture Fleet Management Software


agriDOC is an agricon control center independent from the manufacturer and created to coordinate the use of machines, equipment as well as engagement of employees in the enterprise.  Record keeping is done almost  on its own.

Available on Google Play

  • Data recordingdirectly from the machine via data logger - machines and devices of different manufacturers can be equipped or upgraded with it.
  • Data transfervia mobile network, a data modem is already integrated in the data logger.
  • Status updatesare made regularly and automatically, with no assignment given in advance or no need for the machine driver to get active.
  • Evaluationof the requested data takes place simply at the mouse click.
  • Export functionfacilitates the work for accounting, payroll accounting and book-keeping, it also makes the administration of field maps easier.
  • Added value:direct and indirect record of work times,  theft protection, proof in case of dispute (e.g. winter road maintenance).

agriDOC mobile | Manage the engagement of labour on the way

Many agriDOC functions are also available as mobile applications. This facilitates communication and decision-making, especially during the periods of high labour peaks.


  • Live overview:Position of the machine in real time
  • Day overview:Presentation of the day-related driving lanes including analysis, e.g.: speed, rotational speed,  diesel consumption, tank content, applied amounts
  • Point overview:getting specific data at each point of the driving lane
  • Direct and indirecttime keeping: presentation of pauses and downtimes

The agriDOC mobile app is free of charge. It can be downloaded for Android in google playstore.

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