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- Version N - Practice Fertilization Software


The measured N-uptake from theautumn scanningwill automatically be saved und assigned to the corresponding fields. Extensive presentation ofN-uptakefor all evaluated fields. Agronomically founded calculation ofelectronic N-applicationmaps for the first application of N in spring. Export of electronic application maps to all customary data formats - per USB stick or wirelessdirect to the machine. Automatic documentationof the applied N-fertilizer amounts.

N-sensor fertilization

  • Create, manage and evaluateN-monitoring  (also in connection with the agriPORT mobile app)
  • Preparation ofwork ordersfor the work with the N-sensor
  • Automaticdocumentationand site-specific assignment of the measured N-uptake and amounts of N applied
  • Automatic calculation and presentation ofN control maps

  • Higher yield   
  • excess proceeds [∅]
  • N-saving
  • no N-related lodging
  • higher threshing performance                
  • Increase and homogenization of raw protein content
  • Improvement of N-balance

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