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Better Data. Better Decisions.The most advanced way to get insight into your fields.

Weather, soil and crop data at a field level

The Climate Technology Platform™ pinpoints each field’s precipitation, humidity, wind speed, radar, field workability and growth stage in a single place to help you streamline and improve decision making.

Better online tracking and scouting tools

Automated tracking of crop growth stages and easy logging of scouting activities help you stay on top of your operation and make timely decisions that can improve yields.

Improves your production decisions

Current field-level conditions and forecasts help you better plan planting, tillage, spraying and harvest to save valuable time.

Field and weather information updated as it happens

Alerts delivered via text, email and mobile give you the ability to make decisions about which fields are workable on your phone or tablet so that you never miss a beat.

The Climate Technology Platform consists of hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic modeling and high resolution weather simulations.

  • Hyper-local weather monitoring provides assessments of field and sub field-level environmental conditions by incorporating dozens of public and private environmental observation networks and remote sensing systems, coupled with various proprietary and published models to remotely assess weather, soil, and other environmental conditions.
  • Sub field-level agronomic modeling, which represents the intersection of agronomy and data science, predicts outcomes based on soil, weather events, farming practices, Climate’s leading edge research and other key variables.
  • High-resolution weather simulations provide insight into how an increasingly unpredictable climate will impact your operation by incorporating long-range trends, current conditions, forecasts, and climate signals, research and models into a dynamic, full-season probabilistic weather forecast at a very high resolution for each field.


Hyper-local real-time weather and forecasts

  • View comprehensive recent and historical weather trends to help make informed production decisions.
  • View precipitation for any of your fields over any time period going back 30+ years
  • Monitor temperature, soil moisture with Soil Moisture Tracker℠ and Growing Degree Days (GDDs) with Growth Stage Tracker℠ for your fields
  • Understand how extreme a particular weather pattern has been by comparing current weather events against historical averages
  • Precipitation data based on a combination of radar and thousands of ground stations that, through Climate’s unique technology, provides hyper-local rainfall conditions across all of your fields

Current and projected growth stages and soil moisture

  • Monitor current growth stage and GDDs by field and by crop to ensure your decisions are timed to have the maximum impact
  • Improve planning and operational efficiency with full-season growth stage tracking that provides specific date projection for when your crop will reach each growth stage from emergence up to full maturity
  • Powered by advanced agronomic modeling


Extreme weather, daily summaries, and crop updates

  • Choose when and how to be alerted to weather events occurring in your fields
  • Obtain updates of 24-hour precipitation totals for each of your fields every morning via email
  • Hail notification sent when hail is detected in a field
  • Receive text alerts when rainfall on a particular field exceeds a threshold you define, soil moisture values in a particular field drop to a level where irrigation is recommended, crops in a field reach a particular growth stage or other key weather events, such as hail or high wind events, occur in a field


Record in-field activities and observations to increase efficiency across your operation

  • Make note of field work such as planting and spraying in real-time and record and store observations about pests and disease problems in your fields
  • Share reports via email across your operation
  • Automatically include crop growth stage, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and recent precipitation data in your notes

Time-saving form generation and record keeping

You can use Climate Basic to complete forms or deliver reports to others involved in your farm, saving you hours of paper work.

  • End of season reports
  • Insurance Claims
  • Acreage and Production Reporting

  • Access up-to-the-minute information about your fields when and where you need it
  • Make informed operational decisions as weather conditions are changing
  • See where and when fields will be suitable for work
  • View key information about your fields in an easy to view map or a sortable and filterable list

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