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Manage farm tasks and solve crop issues in one app

Croptivity makes farm tasks easy to manage whether you’re in the field or anywhere! It’s fully functional for off-line use.

Besides providing best-in-class scouting for managing crop health, Croptivity is a tool that keeps everyone working together on one app while keeping records together in one location.

  • Croptivity for the Farm

From start to finish, Croptivity simplifies farm tasks and ensures they are managed quickly and accurately. Use it for scheduling, scouting, and tracking applications in the field. All records are stored in one place and can be easily accessed by everyone on your team.

Schedule Farm Tasks

No more forgotten tasks! See a rock that needs picking? Schedule it then and there. Notice a crop infestation? Schedule scouting at your location. Your team and service providers are notified through the app and everything gets tracked.

Easy Record Keeping

Confirm field applications with one click. Croptivity and My Farm Manager™ simplify the creating and tracking of scouting reports, product recommendations, and as-applied records. The team stays accountable, and all records are available for reporting.

Streamline Farm Communication

Croptivity allows for a team-based approach with built-in workflows to schedule scouting, notify agronomists, and close the loop with recommendations delivered in-app. Close the loop on everything with your operator confirming products applied.

  • Croptivity for Professionals

Croptivity sets a new standard for engaging growers and providing timely scouting reports and chemical recommendations. Improve communication and resolve crop issues quickly and accurately.

Manage More Customers

Built-in workflows mean you add more acres, not more overhead. With workflow automation such as batch recommendations on multiple fields, an agronomist can service more customers and acres.

Scout Faster

Quickly capture GPS-referenced images and observations with prepopulated lists and the ability to apply default settings to the next field. Croptivity comes with built-in pest and weed lists that can be customized to scout even faster.

Enrich With Drone/UAV Photos

Batch import drone photos or other imagery from your library and add observations to quickly generate GPS-referenced scouting reports.

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