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Frost Monitoring Software / Frost Alerts Software


Semios’ frost dashboard allows you to quickly verify frost conditions of a networked orchard. View a property as a whole or dig deeper into blocks to find cold-air dams, malfunctioning fans or other anomalies. Semios’ per acre distribution of temperature and humidity sensors make understanding your orchard conditions easier than ever before.


Frost Monitoring
Detect frost inversions, find cold pockets or dams and integrate with leaf-wetness sensors.


Weather Trends
View regional forecasts alongside local data.


Frost Event Notifications
Set alerts and thresholds for frost event triggers.


Monitor Active Frost Prevention
Ensure frost fan or overhead sprinkler operation.

  • See all sites easily on the Semios dashboard
  • Monitor inversion strength
  • Calculate wet-bulb and dew-point
  • Set warning thresholds
  • Verify frost fan operation


Semios’ frost history, trends and forecasts allow you to manage frost events like never before. Know when frost events are happening in near real-time; and, when the danger has passed – all on the Semios portal. View current conditions as data tables, interactive graphs or set alerts to direct you to potential danger. View historical data to see seasonal frost events or if frost countermeasures were deployed effectively.

  • 3rd party weather data comparisons
  • Temperature and humidity trend analysis every acre
  • Graph inversions and watch inversion collapses
  • Analysis of previous frost events

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