SemiosBio Technologies Inc.

Integrated Agriculture Pest Management Software


Automated pheromones and pest traps.

Mating Disruption Pheromones

Semios works with leading pheromones to actively protect your orchard against pests.

Automated Pest Counts

No more counting sticky bases – Semios’ portal automatically gives daily counts for all field traps.

Pest Pressure Notifications

Semios’ system allows you to set pest pressure alerts and thresholds for any block or trap.

Remote Scheduling

Dispense pheromones at user-defined rates based on topography, wind direction or pests.

Pest Degree-Days

Correlate site-driven degree-days with trap counts and weather patterns to forecast pressure and hotspots.

Semios’ camera-traps allow visual inspection of each field trap from Semios’ interface. Each image is associated with an automated catch-value to ensure each trap is giving the most accurate and up-to-date pest pressure information.

  • Automated daily trap counts
  • Historical viewing
  • Trend analysis and alerts


No longer rely on third-party weather stations in the next city – Semios gives site-specific degree-day values including percent egg and hatch driven directly off installed weather stations.

Using Semios, view historical degree-days for a field, correlate degree-days with trap catches or view both in relation to daily extremes. The Semios platform allows simple dashboard statuses and alerts all the way to data-analysis and forecasting.

  • View local degree-days
  • See microclimates in action
  • Understand temperature variation on pest pressure

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