Livestock Management Software


For each production, we have a management solution. Because you don’t need the same information for dairy cow, sheep or goats, each of our livestock management software contains specific modules for your own production. ISAGRI gathers practical information and remains extremely user-friendly to allow you to run different species, one or several production units, in the barn or at the office.

Improve your technical performance

Manage your animals individually or your complete herd at the same time easily with ISAGRI’s ranch software. Inventory, reproduction, sanitary, feeding, production costs... Find all the answers in one and only tool: complete herd management software.

Be connected with a powerful dairy farm management software

Our cattle management software work perfectly with most of dairy parlors, feeding systems, weighting scales and RFID technologies. Take benefits of the latest husbandry innovations to go further in your ranch management analysis and automate your work. Find out which animals are the best, survey your production criteria and make the right choice at the right time.

Optimize your cost

With ISAGRI, you will be able to monitor your margin globally or for each animal. Our herd management software allow you to optimize feeding, reduce sanitary cost, improve your reproduction results and increase your production. You can define your own goals and search for your weaknesses to become a better farmer, or compare yourself to colleagues or national statistics.

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