SemiosBio Technologies Inc.

Monitoring Irrigation & Soil Conditions Software


Semios’ network allows you to monitor soil conditions in near real-time to maximize water usage and reduce the risk of disease.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

View up to six soil moisture and three temperature levels per sensor.

Conditions and Trends

Understand water events and determine correct scheduling.

Event Notifications

Identify saturated areas that could lead to disease risk or reduced value crops.

Semios works with leading manufacturers of soil and temperature probes to allow you to connect different types of sensors based on your ranch conditions. Each qualified probe is guaranteed to work on the Semios portal which then identifies important water conditions such as permanent wilting point, field capacity and maximum allowable depletion based on your crop. Information is sent across Semios’ network so you don’t have to manually check sensors.

  • Identify correctly stressed plants
  • Reduce excess water usage
  • Reduce the risk of disease
  • Ensure nutrient preservation
  • Full history of water usage and scheduling

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