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- 24/7 Network Coverage Software


Semios prides itself in being able to set-up a robust network that allows you to place devices anywhere in your field. This means you no longer have to worry about sim cards or data plans – let us know where you want information and we can get it for you. Semios blankets each orchard block in a mesh network – allowing us to put hundreds of devices in the field including pheromone dispensers, automated traps, soil moisture meters or leaf-wetness devices. We continually add the best devices available on the market into our portfolio so you can connect with the information you need.


Full Orchard Network Coverage
Put a sensor anywhere in a field that you have Semios’ system.


Direct Line to Cell Providers
Semios works directly with the largest telecommunications companies to ensure reliability.


Control Center
Every orchard is monitored by Semios’ Control Centre to maintain a high level of service.


Semios is committed to providing 24/7 system monitoring.

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