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Nutrient Advantage Training

Nutrient Advantage also delivers Agronomy in Practice and Nutrient Advantage Advice Software Training programs. Nutrient Advantage Advice is a powerful management tool that delivers the knowledge and insights in soil and plant nutrition to help improve productivity and reduce any potential financial and environmental risks. To be eligible for the Nutrient Advantage Advice, users will need to successfully complete the Agronomy in Practice which inclusdes software training.  For those with Fertcare accreditation a one day workshop designed to train participants in all functions of the Nutrient Advantage Advice software is available.

Agronomy in Practice

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Complete interpretation of soil and tissue analysis results for industry scenarios relevant to their business.
  • Have understanding of soil chemical, physical and biological properties in relation to developing a fertiliser program
  • Be able to describe testing procedures for soil and tissue macro and micro nutrients in relation to developing a fertiliser program
  • Be able to recognise salinity, acidity/alkalinity and sodicity problems, and provide remedial solutions.
  • Manage samples through the Nutrient Advantage Advice (NAA) software – log samples, interpret results, generate a nutrient program and provide a printed report to clients.

Nutrient Advantage Advice

Nutrient Advantage Advice Software Training & Installation

  • Working with Nutrient Advantage Advice
  • User menus and synchronisation
  • Creating and looking up grower details
  • Creating and setting up product silo's
  • Result interpretation and recommendations
  • Generating reports and critical comments
  • Different access levels dependent on qualifications
  • New L4 Fertcare Accredited Advisor has full access.

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