Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus selfpropelled sprayer-Video

For the protection of crops such as asparagus, sunflower, oilseed rape and maize, an extra-large ground clearance is often desired in the later growth stages. The spread of the corn root beetle, for example, sometimes creates the need to spray corn that is taller than 2 meters. In other cases, even reaching the crop is already a problem. For this type of situation, Agrifac introduces the new Condor with ClearancePlus, a self-propelled sprayer with a ground clearance of up to 200 cm! The necessary stability is provided by the StabiloPlus chassis, reinforced and adjusted to offer a different track width. As usual, the StabiloPlus chassis has a stepless adjustment system, which in the case of the tall Condor, ranges from 190 to 270 cm. For road transport, the StabiloPlus chassis can be quickly and easily lowered. With a low centre of gravity and normal machine height , you can travel safely from field to field.

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