TTA PackPlanter Video

An easy-to-use high-speed transplanter

The PackPlanter was developed for high speed transplanting into packs or pots in a small frame. Speed, simplicity and quality, has been leading key words during the entire design as there are currently more than 100 units on the market.

Speed. The servo driven Gantry movement of the Pick & Place unit allows for very smooth and fast planting. Depending on tray size, the PackPlanter can be equipped with 12 to 48 plant grippers which results in capacities ranging from 10,000 till 50,000 plants per hour.

Simplicity. A complete tray change over takes less than 15 minutes. Different plant programs can be stored in memory for later use. The unique “accordion” spread system allows adjustment to the pitch of the grippers. All the plant grippers are provided with belt clamps, which are connected to each other by a belt. Just the two outermost grippers are driven. The pitch is simply determined by locking the belt clamps in the right position! Due to the simple and robust design of the PackPlanter, the Operator is able to maintain all the adjustments.

Quality. The TTA plant gripper is designed to minimize plant and plug damage and to get optimal planting results. The design of the TTA gripper is such that every plant in a row is extracted. This eliminates any issues with overgrown plugs that may be picked up when you extract every other plug. A pusher pin system from below assists during extraction of the plants from the tray. The reason for the pusher pin system is that if you have under developed roots, or overly developed roots, the pusher pins will insure that the plugs are extracted from the cell and are firmly seated in the grippers.

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