TTA Packplanter Wireless Transplanter Video

A high-end transplanter for many varieties of young plants

The PackPlanter was developed for high speed transplanting into packs or pots in a small frame. Speed, Flexibility and Quality has been leading key words during the entire design.

The servo driven Gantry movement of the Pick & Place unit allows for very smooth and fast planting. Depending on tray size, the PackPlanter Wireless can be equipped with 12 to 48 plant grippers which results in capacities ranging from 10,000 till 50,000 plants per hour.

A complete tray change over takes less than 15 minutes. Different plant programs can be stored in the memory for later use. Each plant gripper is driven by an individual servo gripper motor, which operates by wireless power- and communication rail. By use of this technique, the PackPlanter Wireless can transplant into different patterns, which are simply stored in the computers memory! The optional “split” provides the possibility to pick up a single row of plants from the plug tray and plant out into two rows at the same time. This also enables transplanting of multiple plants per pot.

The TTA plant gripper is designed to minimize plant and plug damage and to get optimal planting results. The design of the TTA gripper is such that every plant in a row is extracted. This eliminates any issues with overgrown plugs that may be picked up when you extract every other plug. A pusher pin system from below assists during extraction of the plants from the tray. The reason for the pusher pin system is that if you have under developed roots, or overly developed roots, the pusher pins will insure that the plugs are extracted from the cell and are firmly seated in the grippers.

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