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  • Solutions for optimising cultivation of hydroponic cannabis

    Solutions for optimising cultivation of hydroponic cannabis

    Hydroponic growing systems for medical cannabis are currently used in entirely controlled environments that are monitored constantly and undergo exhaustive checks in order to guarantee consistent and homogeneous quality across the entire crop and throughout the different cycles of the year. Hydroponic cultivation of medical cannabis is an incredibly technical industry. It has to take the strict ...


  • What`s this disease?

    What`s this disease?

    If you are a fan of strawberries then you have probably experienced opening a recently purchased container only to find that several berries have burst into a plume of velvety gray mold. Unfortunately, your berries have fallen prey to gray mold ...

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  • Broad Spectrum Algaecide and Fungicide

    Broad Spectrum Algaecide and Fungicide

    Use ZeroTol 2.0 Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide to control and suppress a broad spectrum of algae and fungi such as Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Powdery Mildew, Xanthomonas, Botrytis, and Anthracnose in either a curative or preventive program. Applications include pot crops and bedding plants, nursery crops, plugs, cuttings, and cut flowers. Propagation is a critical time when young ...