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  • Sidewinder Picking Mechanism
    Showcase Product

    Sidewinder Picking Mechanism

    By American Grape Harvesters, Inc.

    Simplicity is the key to Sidewinder`s success. It has the fewest number of parts of any picking mechanism used in American viticulture. Sidewinder fits into any UpRight, AGH or Chisholm Ryder grape harvester. It can be ...

  • Grape Harvesters
    Showcase Product

    Grape Harvesters

    By Reese Group Ltd

    The ultimate in harvesting technology. Designed to move large volumes of fruit in excellent condition while leaving the vines looking as if they haven`t been picked.

  • Desuckering Tool
    Showcase Product

    Desuckering Tool

    By INFACO s.a.s

    The grapevine desuckering head is an innovating alternative to the current desuckering solutions available on the market. Like all mechanical desuckering solutions, it eliminates the use of chemicals. The POWERCOUP PW2 ...

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  • Scharfenberger GmbH & Co. KG

    Scharfenberger GmbH & Co. KG

    The foundation stone for our company was laid more than 85 years ago in Wachenheim, at the heart of one of Germany’s largest wine-growing regions. In ...

  • Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, Inc.

    Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, Inc.

    Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, Inc. is to promote the production and appreciation of premium grapes and fine wines from Texas, and to ...

  • Kerian Machines Inc.

    Kerian Machines Inc.

    The Kerian Sizer will quickly and accurately sort most products (fruits sorting, vegetables sorting or nuts sorting) by size. Twelve standard models ...

  • J.E. Love Company

    J.E. Love Company

    J.E. Love Company is a manufacturer of agricultural and reforestation nursery equipment and contract manufacturing services. The company address is ...

  • American Grape Harvesters, Inc.

    American Grape Harvesters, Inc.

    AGH is the leading manufacturer of grape harvesters and related equipment in the Western Hemisphere. Our Spectrum and Quantum grape harvesters accept ...