Grape Handling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Winemaking - A Must Read

    Winemaking - A Must Read

    BackgroundThe art and science of winemaking have been around for thousands of years. Winemakers rely on their instincts, palettes, and a thorough knowledge of the nuances involved in every stage of the winemaking process as they strive to achieve the flavors and qualities that they desire.Even a cursory overview of certain elements of the process underscores the critical role played by gase


  • Rising heat brings earlier vintage

    Global warming has begun to change the conditions for a fine wine harvest. The grapes are blooming earlier in Burgundy. The vintners of Vaud in Switzerland have a new harvest timetable. And the conditions for fine claret have

Equipment & Solutions

  • Grapes Press Machine

    Grapes Press Machine

    Performed for pressing grapes, apples into juice, wine… Easy to work with, man must only connect the press with the water supply from the house (simply with the plastic hose). There is needed pressure for normal press work 2,5 or 3 bar (depend from press model). Press procedure is easy, fast and efficient…There is needed to do one press from 15 minutes… Light ...