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  • Pump for Grapes
    Showcase Product

    Pump for Grapes

    By Strazzari S.r.l.

    Ideal for marc or for not particularly fluid products, rotor D. 300x150, it is also suitable for the transfer of whole and de-stemmed grapes, with adequate pipes reaching large heads of 10 m. in height or 50. m. in ...

  • Briquettes from Vineyard Waste
    Showcase Product

    Briquettes from Vineyard Waste

    By C. F. Nielsen A/S

    High quality grape vine briquettes are produced from dried and natural remains of the grape vine and they are perfect for barbeque. Prunings have always been used as a source of energy and for preparing food on open ...

  • Portable Wind Machines
    Showcase Product

    Portable Wind Machines

    By Orchard-Rite Ltd, Inc.

    The Orchard-Rite Portable Wind Machine is ideal for mobile drying and frost protection. Do you have multiple crops, leased land or crops that need protection in multiple seasons? Do you have an estate vineyard and need ...

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  • Bucher Vaslin SA

    Bucher Vaslin SA

    Bucher Vaslin designs, manufactures, and sells, only or through its network of exclusive distributors, processes and materials exclusively intended ...

  • Robix Hungary Ltd.

    Robix Hungary Ltd.

    ROBIX HUNGARY Producer of Agricultural Machinery. It`s a company of Hungarian interests employing 200 people on it`s two seats - Veszprém and Zirc. ...

  • Ayerbe Plantas Industriales de Secado S.L. (APISA)

    Ayerbe Plantas Industriales de Secado S.L. (APISA)

    Ayerbe Plantas Industriales de Secado S.L. (APISA) was founded in 1967 by Rafael Ayerbe Santolaria. At that time, the sole activity of the company ...

  • Scharfenberger GmbH & Co. KG

    Scharfenberger GmbH & Co. KG

    The foundation stone for our company was laid more than 85 years ago in Wachenheim, at the heart of one of Germany’s largest wine-growing regions. In ...

  • FAUSTINI s.n.c.

    FAUSTINI s.n.c.

    The FAUSTINI company was officially founded in 1936, as factory manufacture of farm trailers and agricultural equipment, from the grandfather ...