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  • Vibrating Hoppers
    Showcase Product

    Vibrating Hoppers

    By Pera-Pellenc SA

    Our vibrating hoppers are designed to feed any destemming and sorting system after harvesting. The grapes are preserved thanks to the vibrating unloading system.

  • Proprietary Complex Mixture
    Showcase Product

    Proprietary Complex Mixture

    By Innovad

    AFLORIN BF L , is a unique formulation of water soluble source of poly-phenols and powerful chelators, representing an efficient source of antioxidant , reinforcing the natural antioxidant defense system and ...

  • Flat Mash Pumps
    Showcase Product

    Flat Mash Pumps

    By G.A. KIESEL GmbH

    KIESEL Flat mash pumps FTF are specially constructed for use under de-stemming machines, graters, or mills. The following characteristics are combined in this model series: Flat funnel – low pour height of the ...

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  • Ortiflor Group S.A.S.

    Ortiflor Group S.A.S.

    The Ortiflor Group is a company whose history is rooted in the entrepreneurial choice of its founder, Antonello Alessi. In 1997, spurred by ...

  • ERO-Gerätebau GmbH

    ERO-Gerätebau GmbH

    ERO-Gerätebau GmbH is Germany’s largest manufacturer of equipment and machinery for outdoor vineyard operations. More than 100 employees work in ...

  • Bonsegna Srl

    Bonsegna Srl

    The business was started in 1970 by Father Antonio, which carried out farm equipment, such as trolleys for rotary cultivators and tillers, sprayers, ...



    Directed by the Michael UNAC, UNAC SAS` headquarters are in VERGEZE, between MONTPELLIER and NÎMES in Southern France. Historic worldwide specialist ...

  • CBR Ceccato

    CBR Ceccato

    CBR Ceccato has been working for years into the sector of the agricultural machinery production and it specialized in oenology equipment, hay harvest ...