Grape Sorting

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  • High-flow rate Grape sorter
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    High-flow rate Grape sorter

    By Bucher Vaslin SA

    Delta Rflow is a mechanical sorting table with a high flow rate. It enables to remove MOG as leaves, bits of stems, petioles and also pips, skins, raisins, shot berries. Flow rate depending on the variety of vine and ...

  • Vibrating Manual Grape Sorting Table
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    Vibrating Manual Grape Sorting Table

    By Pera-Pellenc SA

    Ideal for manual sorting of whole or destemmed grapes, the TVT vibrating sorting table has 2 drainage areas with 2 grids (to eliminate juices, pips, small insects and plants), 2 drainage baskets on slides to collect the ...

  • Optic Grape Sorting
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    Optic Grape Sorting

    By Bucher Vaslin SA

    Delta Vistalys gives the user the possibility to graduate sorting with an extreme accuracy, depending on his objectives and initial quality of grapes by setting the parameters of colour and shape of the objects. With ...

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