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  • Grape Harvesters
    Showcase Product

    Grape Harvesters

    By ERO-Ger├Ątebau GmbH

    ERO Grapeliner 6000 series, a machine with an extensive list of superior features which can offer more to vineyard owners and contractors than ever before.

  • Flat Mash Pumps
    Showcase Product

    Flat Mash Pumps

    By G.A. KIESEL GmbH

    KIESEL Flat mash pumps FTF are specially constructed for use under de-stemming machines, graters, or mills. The following characteristics are combined in this model series: Flat funnel – low pour height of the ...

  • Grape Pumps
    Showcase Product

    Grape Pumps

    By MORI-TEM Srl

    The PR 250 pumps are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and are suitable for transferring grapes and marcs. The product is sent into the hopper auger inside the pump casing where it is pushed to the outside by the ...

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  • Woodside Electronics Corporation (WECO)

    Woodside Electronics Corporation (WECO)

    WECO (Woodside Electronics Corporation), based in California, has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing electronic sorters for over thirty ...

  • Armbruster Kelterei-Technologie GmbH

    Armbruster Kelterei-Technologie GmbH

    ARMBRUSTER, we have a passion for grapes, now spanning four generations. We know that grapes must be de-stemmed with the utmost care to preserve ...

  • CBR Ceccato

    CBR Ceccato

    CBR Ceccato has been working for years into the sector of the agricultural machinery production and it specialized in oenology equipment, hay harvest ...