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Vine Leaves equipment for Viticulture

  • NP-Seymour - Model BMV - Vineyard Defoliator

    Removes the basal leaves to increase grapes exposure to the light and allow the air circulation. Saves a lot of time and labour and can also make the harvest easier. Conical discs  tear down the sucked leaves. An optional cutting bar in the front can be fitted.

    By NP Seymour LTD based in Cranbrook, UNITED KINGDOM. from Machinery Product line

  • KMS - Leaf Remover, Overrow

    Two aluminium leaf removers. Speed adjustment for perforated roller. Individual mechanical inclination of leaf removers. Lift mounting “S” with integral hydr. lateral inclination, locking block 1 x d-a. Lift “S” 100 x 100 x 800 stroke 1 x d-a. Mechanical overrow-side positioning. Mechanical inner-side positioning. ...

    By KMS Rinklin GmbH based in Gewerbepark Breisgau, GERMANY. from Vineyard Leaf Remover Product line

  • D&M - Model LH-36 - Vineyard Leafing Machine

    'THE   LEAF  HOG'   MODEL  #   LH-36  VINEYARD  LEAFING   MACHINE Model L-H 3007 Features:

    By D&M Manufacturing Co based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Berm Blowers Product line

  • Pre-Pruning Machine

    The machine, that can be used especially on runner-system or guyot type support structures, is made by a tunnel frame on which two cutter bars (double-blades), enable to cut the strongest vine shoots, are applied. The machine has also a particular extractive system for the vine runners enable to carry them to the row centre leaving clean the ...

    By I.ME.CA s.n.c. di Macorigh M. & C. based in CASARSA DELLA DELIZIA (PN), ITALY. from Other Product line

  • Binger Seilzug - Model EB 490 - Overrow Vine Leaf Remover

    With the overrow Leaf remover, a complete row of vines can be stripped in a single operation. It is no longer necessary to drive along vine rows without ground cover under unfavourable weather conditions. The unit can be adapted to different thicknesses of foliage just by using the hydraulic controls.

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG based in Bingen, GERMANY. from Vine Leaf Removers Product line

  • Pik Rite - Model 3100 - Cucumber Harvester

    Take your cucumber harvest to the next level with the Pik Rite Series 3100. The Pik Rite Cucumber Harvester has been designed to ensure you reap higher crop yields than ever before. The Series 3100 inhales crops at up to 3 acres per hour. As it spits out leaves, vines and trash, it leaves you with clean, high quality fruit. The Pik Rite 3100 ...

    By Pik Rite, Inc. based in Lewisburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Cucumber Harvesters Product line

  • Crendon - Single Sided Vineyard Sadie Sweeper

    Vineyard SADIE is a pruning and leaf sweeper which clears prunings and debris from under fruit trees and vines, improving vinyard hygiene. It also removes weed clumps to give clean ground for pre-emergence herbicide spraying.

    By Crendon Machinery based in Donnybrook, AUSTRALIA. from Sadie - Vineyard & Orchard Cane & Pruning Sweepers Product line

  • ERO Grapeliner - Model 6000 Series - Grape Harvesters

    ERO Grapeliner 6000 series, a machine with an extensive list of superior features which can offer more to vineyard owners and contractors than ever before.

    By ERO-Gerätebau GmbH based in Niederkumbd, GERMANY. from Grape Harvesters Product line

  • Clemens KOBOLD - Vine Cane Puller

    In the vineyard, the KOBOLD vine puller helps you by pulling out the cut vines and placing them in the row or immediately chopping them. Prepare your vineyard for using the KOBOLD! Right from the first foliage cut, ensure that you have the correct cut and the correct height so that the KOBOLD can be used optimally at the end of the season.

    By Clemens GmbH & Co. KG based in Wittlich, GERMANY. from Viticulture Equipment Product line

  • Model TLS 12 - 25 HP - Flail Mower Scarifier for Tractors

    The flail mower TLS is used to mowing grass and shredding thin wood, vine branches, potato leaves, grass and for maintenance of laws, parks, gardens. TLS multipurpose and robust, ideal for do-it-yourself fans for flower garden and for small or medium sized farms.

    By Delmac s.r.l. based in PIOBESI D`ALBA, ITALY. from Shredder Product line

  • Leaf Trimmer

    Leaf trimmer is being produced and distributed as single side , double side as well as over row, walking stick and custom made vine trimmers. For our Vine Trimmers we use exclusively premium grade materials in order to guarantee highest stability and durability. All our machines are equipped with solid frames which are reinforced with ...

    By Andreas und Willi Stockmayer Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG based in Kirrweiler (Pfalz), GERMANY.

  • Dupiget - Model Super-V - 12 V Vineyard Electrical Device

    DUPIGET VINEYARD is an electrical 12 V device with vertical oscillating jets suitable for treating espalier, pergola, tendone and Geneva Double Curtain vineyards. It distributes covering and systemic products with precision. It differs from DUPIGET OLIVE/ORCHARD only for the dimensions of the nozzles in the standard version.

    By Casotti Irroratori based in Felino (Parma), ITALY. from Vineyards Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 111 VRT - Vine Leaf Stripper

    The 111 VRT leaf-stripper has been devised to enable controlled working in the vineyard, not removing leaves in a uniform way, as with all the previous equipment, but controlled depending on the higher or lower presence of vegetation in different parts of the same vineyard. The process we are putting forward uses a telemeasuring system to create ...

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Vineyard Leaf Strippers Product line

  • KMS Rinklin - Single Sided Leaf Remover

    Parallelogram impact protection. Speed adjustment for perforated roller. Hydraulic hoses 2.50m. Connections required: 1 x s-a, 1 x return line.

    By KMS Rinklin GmbH based in Gewerbepark Breisgau, GERMANY. from Vineyard Leaf Remover Product line

  • KMS Rinklin - Two Sided Leaf Remover

    Two leaf-stripper heads. Parallelogram impact protection. Speed adjustment for perforated roller. Synchronous hydraulic lateral shift, 1.40 – 2.50 m. Height adjustment, 500 stroke, individually left/right or synchronised. Individual mechanical lateral inclination. Oil cooler. Connections required: 1 x s-a, 1 x return line, 2 x d-a.

    By KMS Rinklin GmbH based in Gewerbepark Breisgau, GERMANY. from Vineyard Leaf Remover Product line

  • ERO - Vineyard Defoliators

    In trials independent institutes have demonstrated that systematic defoliation of the grape zone is a decisive factor in improving wine quality. Because ERO Defoliators work on the 'suck and cut' principle, when fitted with a grille with 9 bars (70 mm bar spacing), they can be used for thinning inflorescences. When a top cutter is also fitted, the ...

    By ERO-Gerätebau GmbH based in Niederkumbd, GERMANY. from Other Vineyard Products Product line

  • Nairn - Model 1230 - Grape Harvesters

    The ultimate in harvesting technology. Designed to move large volumes of fruit in excellent condition while leaving the vines looking as if they haven't been picked.

    By Reese Group Ltd based in Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND. from Nairn - Grape Harvesters Product line

  • Valleytown - Model VT10 - Vineyard Duster

    Easy turning: A narrow profile makes turns at the and of rows easy and allow dusting late in the season when foliage is heavy. Trouble free: P.T.O. driven, the Valleytown Duster requires minimal power. It's almost maintenance free, with few moving parts and no plugged nozzles or hoses to contend with. All drive parts are easily accessible and ball ...

    By Nikkel Iron Works Corporation based in Highway Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Valleytown Product line

  • Model DRF - Double Barrel Leaves Remover

    The new double barrel leaf remover DRF is the answer to the needs of the modern vineyards. The machine removes the leaves from the grape zone, that increases maturation and aeration reducing spraying chemicals. The machine consists in two opposite rollers, one with holes and the other with rubber, which allow a perfect and safe removal of the ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l. based in Forlì (FC), ITALY. from Vineyard Trimmers and Pruners- Leaf Strippers Product line

  • Binger Seilzug - Model EB 490 - Two Sided Leaf Remover

    The two-sided EB 490 Leaf Remover with hydraulic width adjustment as standard can operate in rows from 1.20 m to 2.40 m wide. The optional hydraulic height adjustment provides separate control of the height of each stripping head. This enables its use in terraced vineyards.

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG based in Bingen, GERMANY. from Vine Leaf Removers Product line

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