Vine Shoots

Equipment & Solutions

  • Vine Shoot Tipping Machine
    Showcase Product

    Vine Shoot Tipping Machine

    By RCM srl

    This equipment is used to remove shoots from the trunk or main arms of the vine, acting simultaneously as a `natural weed killer`, freeing the area between the rows of vines from infesting grasses.

  • Shoot Binder
    Showcase Product

    Shoot Binder

    By ERO-Gerätebau GmbH

    Equipped with a stapler that takes sticks of 250 staples, the ERO Shoot Binder 250 is reasonably priced and easy to operate. It is suitable for both front and over-hood mounting.

  • Single Side Delivery Rakes
    Showcase Product

    Single Side Delivery Rakes

    By I.ME.CA s.n.c. di Macorigh M. & C.

    Used after the pruning for the cleaning of the vine shoots. A brush with manual adjustment of length and inclination, makes this equipment economical and adaptable to any tractors.