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Vineyard Equipment equipment for Viticulture

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    Agrofrost - Self-contained Frost Protection Wind Machines

    Wind Machines are often used to protect very large areas. Find out why we do better than the competition. The wind machine is the most comfortable protection. For smaller areas or lower crops, the mobile windmachine is a good alternative. We also developed burners that can be used in combination with the wind machine.

    By Agrofrost NV based in Belgium, BELGIUM.

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    Pneumatic Shears

    JAGODA JPS provides a pneumatic shear with a reduced diameter, double-piston, but with an excellent cutting capacity. It is fitted with a techno-polymer body and a highly resistant, forged steel blade group. It is manufactured in different versions, for orchard or for vineyard pruning, and is a vibration- and kickback-effect-free shear.

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Pneumatic Equipments Product line

  • Model S500 - Trimming Machines

    B.M.V. 'S 500' Trimming machines can satisfy every kind of requirements and they are suitable to any kind of equipments. All the range models are applied to the front part of the tractor. The power is supplied by the tractor hydraulic intakes or by an independent hydraulic unit. Hardened steel blades ensure top quality trimming with high ...

    By B.M.V. s.n.c. based in Alba (CN), ITALY. from Vineyard Trimming Machines Product line

  • La Coutale - Tying tool

    New mechanical tying tool for vineyard and made in FranceEfficient repairsCoils are 85 m length and around 1000 tights They come brown or green.Each box contains 60 coils.The wire which is 40 mm diameter last for one year and it s biodegradable.We might provide you some others coils which a wire that last ...

    By Distri Coutale based in FRANCE.

  • Klima Sure Flex - Vineyard Springs

    KLIMA Sureflex vineyard springs have been developed as a joint effort joint between KLIMA, Strainrite Fencing Systems and Lincoln University. Our goal was to develop a product specifically for our customers using the KLIMA pruning system. We wanted a way to allow the driver the safely pick up the fruiting wires much closer to the end assembly than ...

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Other Products Product line

  • Kirpy - Model BPL Series - Vineyard Stone Crushers

    Stone crushers with movable hammers. Made from high-quality steels. Synchronised mechanical belt drive. Hydraulic rear door. Fitted with replaceable or carbide 80 x 45 hammers.

    By Kirpy based in LAYRAC, FRANCE. from Agriculture Stone Removal- Stone Crushers Product line

  • Vertical Tiller with Feeler

    Kadıoğlu Tiller with feeler is a firm and trustworthy machine that is widely used in vineyard areas or gardens that have densely planted fruit trees.

  • Model C70 - Hole Digger

    The hole digger C70 is used on tractors, whose power goes from 35 to 70 HP.The particular shape of the frame allows to work easily also where height is limited (ex: trees or support-cable in vineyard).C70N: (clockwise rotation).Usable to bore on fertile terrain.C70I: (mechanical reversing gear).Equipped with reduction gear and reversing gear ...

    By Dal Cero Metalworking S.n.c based in Roncà (VR), ITALY. from Hole Diggers Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 116 - Chemical Desuckering Machine

    This innovative equipment obtained the prestigious Technical Innovations Contest award at the 2005 EIMA fair. The chemical desuckering machine mod.116 is suitable for desuckering vineyards with espalier training systems. It carries out this task by applying a liquid containing a drying solution to the lower part of the plant, below the ...

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Other Machines Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 180 - High Speed Blades Side Trimmer

    This trimmer cuts the vineyard vegetation with efficiency even at very high forward speed of the tractor and in presence of tender vegetation.

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Vineyard Equipment - High Speed Blades Vine Trimmer Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 115 - Rewinder Machine

    This machine is the ideal complement for the binder machine in our production as the ones of others brands. It allows to quickly recover polypropylene yarn stretched by a binder machine during trellising falling shoots. It is installed on the rear hitch of the tractor and once secured the top of the wire to the drive system by the rotation of the ...

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Vineyard Vine Binders Product line

  • Generation Ii Recycling Sprayer

    With proven R-Series delivery & recycling technology, the Generation II Recycling Sprayer from FMR introduces a number of new features and innovations that make owning and operating this machine in your vineyard even more beneficial. The Gen II R-Series Recycling Sprayers filter then recycle any spray that doesn’t deposit on foliage back ...

    By FMR Group Ltd based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Spraying Product line

  • Klima - Wooden Post Trellis Screws

    Position on the posts: Can be used in fruiting wire and foliage wire positions. Why use this Screw?: It was designed by Wirecare and KLIMA to provide a vineyard screw that would be compatible with the revolutionary KLIMA pruning system and would avoid typical nails from being pulled out of the posts in the wind and becoming a injury or puncture ...

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Clips Product line

  • Zappator - Model Bravo - Vine Sarment Cutter and Flail Mower

    VINE SARMENT CUTTER and FLAIL MOWER for 25 to 50 HP tractors with P.T.O. at 540/1000/2000 rpm. for public grass banks, vineyards, nursery gardens.Front attachment.Manual shifting rear.Manual shifting rear attachment with 3 - point hitch.   Parallelogram adjustment with hydraulic jack on request.P.T.O. at 540/1000/2000 rpm.

    By Zappator srl based in Conselice (RA), ITALY.

  • Ledgard - Extra Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    These bars are specifically designed for very dense timber such as almonds, olives and large old vineyards. The extra heavy duty cutter bar requires a large oil supply from either tractor or a PTO-driven power pack. They are a modified version of our Heavy Duty Cutter Bars, but with larger hydraulic motors and a redesigned blade assembly to suit ...

    By Ledgard Pruning Systems based in South Australia, AUSTRALIA. from Ledgard Pruning-Systems Product line

  • Pik Rite - Model 2000 - Vine Windrower

    Tangled vines should never get in the way of maximum crop recovery. That’s why Pik Rite developed its first vine windrower in 1994 and has become the leader in this advanced technology.

    By Pik Rite, Inc. based in Lewisburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Tomato Harvesters Product line

  • Testata - Model G300P - Agricultural Duster

    Agricultural duster for conventional, biological and integrated treatments with sulphur powder and/or other single or premixed powder products.

    By MB di Bergonzi Valter & C. Sas based in Stradella (PV), ITALY. from Agricultural Duster - 300 Series - 300 mm Fun Product line

  • Model RX300 - RX150 - Vine Running Windrowers

    Machine suitably designed for carrying out operations of after vintage. The Vine running windrowers offers the possibility of picking up runners and pruning waste in only one passage conveying them into the centre of the row. Available in two models, Rx150 with one windrower head or RX300 with two windrower heads, with hydraulic or electric ...

    By FAMA - Fabbrica Macchine based in Sailetto di Suzzara (Mantova), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Klima - Model G2 - Vine Pruner

    Once you try KLIMA G2 you will never want to prune the old fashioned way again. KLIMA helps grape growers do more with less and can save grape growers millions of dollars in vineyard labour costs year after year.

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vine Pruner Product line

  • Pulcinelli - Vineyard for Vineyards and Pergola with Orvirotor Rotary Harvesting System

    The collection is carried out by the action of rotating groups, made of stainless steel bodies, which rotate free on ball bearings, where the chopsticks are fixed which allow the bunches to fall inside the tub.

    By Pulcinelli Giovan Battista Srl. based in Anghiari (AR), ITALY.

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