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  • Wireless solution for viticulture pest management
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    Wireless solution for viticulture pest management

    By Netsens s.r.l.

    VineSense: The key instrument for precision viticulture. Environmental protection calls for a substantially reduction of the pattern of usage of chemicals and the amount of sprayed pesticides. VineSense precisely maps ...

  • Sample Selecting Units
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    Sample Selecting Units

    By Tecnicapompe Zanin S.r.l

    Sample Selecting Units MONTSE-SPU is the new unit for the filtering of the grape must that must be sent to the laboratory. It allows the oenologist to value the ripeness and quality of the grape. The need to improve the ...

  • Dosing Technology
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    Dosing Technology

    By Ziegler GmbH

    Characteristics: Self-priming pump with shaftless magnetic drive.

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