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  • Pyramid Shaped Ground Trap
    Showcase Product

    Pyramid Shaped Ground Trap

    By Biobest Group NV

    Picusan Trap is a pyramid shaped ground trap that does not need to be buried. Black is an attractive color to red palm weevils (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus).  Its ribbed surface makes it easier for the adults to ...

  • Bunching Machines
    Showcase Product

    Bunching Machines

    By Bercomex

    The RoseMatic processes roses quickly and efficiently. The machine has now been extended with new functionalities to conform better to the requirements of customers beyond Europe. Better bunching results and more ...

  • Towed Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Towed Harvester

    By Pellenc SA

    With a cleanliness rate of 99.82% in the bin, the harvest can go straight into the vat. Principle proven by over 1500 users.

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Gerards Equipment

    Gerards Equipment

    For over 35 years, Gerard's Equipment has been serving the needs Southern Interior orchard, grape growers, farmers, ranchers and hobby farmers by ...

  • Micron Group

    Micron Group

    Incorporating Micron Sprayers Ltd, Micronair and Enviromist Industries Pty companies, Micron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialist sprayers ...

  • H&W Equipment

    H&W Equipment

    Since 1993 H&W equipment is serving the grape growing industry in Canada and Eastern United States with high quality European equipment for vineyard ...

  • American Grape Harvesters, Inc.

    American Grape Harvesters, Inc.

    AGH is the leading manufacturer of grape harvesters and related equipment in the Western Hemisphere. Our Spectrum and Quantum grape harvesters accept ...

  • Al Quds for plastic

    Al Quds Corporation For Plastic was established in 2002 in Al Sadat city aiming to produce and manufacture agriculture film which includes greenhouse ...