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  • Grape growing, vineyard pests and bird control

    Grape growing, vineyard pests and bird control

    Grape growers everywhere are familiar with vineyard pests, especially pest birds.  The most common vineyard problem birds are robins, starlings, finches, orioles, mockingbirds, and grackles.  One study determined that a flock of 5,000 starlings can consume up to one ton of food over a 10-day period.i  This kind of crop loss can cost grape growers and vine

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  • Overhead Crop Netting

    Overhead Crop Netting

    Smart Net System`s Overhead Crop Netting consists of a suspended, full enclosure application and is ideal for blueberry netting, strawberry netting, saskatoon berry netting, vineyard netting and other crop protection against birds. The system fully encloses your crop by mounting the nets above the canopy with wires running through the edge meshes, which are simply drawn out along the field to ...