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  • Laser bird repellent solves bird problem in wine grape industry - Case Study

    Griffin’s vineyard achieved a 99.8% reduction in birds with laser bird repellentLocation: Sonoma County, California, USAApplication context: VineyardProblem definition: Crop loss due to bird damage in the vineyardPest bird species: Finches (Passerida)Bird behavior: Foraging and perchingTime of bird presence during the year: June –

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  • Anti-Insect (Polysack) Nets

    Anti-Insect (Polysack) Nets

    In today’s environmentally-conscious environment, there is a growing awareness of the severe damage caused by toxic pesticides to the environment and to public health. In fact, many consumers are no longer prepared to put pesticide-treated agricultural produce on their tables, and this trend of reduced used of toxic materials will grow together with the legislation of environment protection ...