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  • Branches Grass Shoots
    Showcase Product

    Branches Grass Shoots

    By HORPISO Maquinaria Agrícola

    The grass shoots is the implement which allows a quick and convenient cleaning of the prunings of the vines. It is the most effective way to clean in a short time large areas of vines in the final pruning.

  • Fruit Pre-Pruner
    Showcase Product

    Fruit Pre-Pruner

    By KMS Rinklin GmbH

    Vertical cutter beam with fine saw blade Ø 400mm, or alternatively with curved knives. Bearings: high-performance deep-groove ball bearings, waterproof seals, maintenance-free. Driven by hydraulic gear motors. ...

  • Mulcher for Vineyard and Orchard
    Showcase Product

    Mulcher for Vineyard and Orchard

    By Berti Macchine Agricole S.p.A.

    Mulcher for vineyard and orchard, suited to mulch grass, bushes and pruning up to Ø 4-5 cm. for tractors from 30 to 60 HP.            

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  • Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG

    Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG

    Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG is one of the oldest manufacturers of vineyard equipment in Germany. What started in 1947 with the manufacture of cable ...

  • Anamosa Inc. – Vineyard Soil Technologies

    Anamosa Inc. – Vineyard Soil Technologies provides advising services for every aspect of vineyard development and management. Our mission is to care ...

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    Gerards Equipment

    For over 35 years, Gerard's Equipment has been serving the needs Southern Interior orchard, grape growers, farmers, ranchers and hobby farmers by ...

  • Abimac s.r.l.

    Abimac s.r.l.

    Abimac s.r.l. is a modern, innovating company located in the heart of Piedmont, a land of ancient farming traditions. A well-tuned staff of ...

  • FAMA - Fabbrica Macchine

    FAMA - Fabbrica Macchine

    FA-MA was born in 1969 as a small workshop dealing with agricultural accessories, established by Marigonda Guido, Colombarolli Luciana and Dino. In ...