Vineyard Pruning

Equipment & Solutions

  • Vine Pruner
    Showcase Product

    Vine Pruner

    By Klima

    Once you try KLIMA Generation 2 you will never want to prune the old fashioned way again.

  • Intelligent Autonomous Grapevine Pruner
    Showcase Product

    Intelligent Autonomous Grapevine Pruner

    By Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC)

    The autonomous grapevine pruner spur prunes bilateral cordon grapevines with the quality of hand labor.   The pruner models the full vine before making the first cut.  This holistic approach enables the ...

  • Biodegradable Paper-Steel Twines for Tying
    Showcase Product

    Biodegradable Paper-Steel Twines for Tying


    Each model, of a different strength, is chosen according to the vineyard pruning technique.  The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines can be used for vines, trees, vegetables and tree nurseries. 100% biodegradable and ...

Companies & Suppliers



    The world`s first robotic vineyard pruner. We create robots for winemakers and farmers. Recognition software for picking robot. Since 2010 WALL ...

  • VBC Company

    VBC Company

    The VBC company has been successfully operating in the agricultural field since 1987. The company has been steadily growing with the time until it ...