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  • Crain Hill Vineyard AllEarth Solar Tracker Case Study

    Crain Hill Vineyard`s owners wanted to be a model for sustainable farming nationwide, and needed a way to cut down on the costs of powering their 45-acre operation. With the help of their 24 AllEarth Solar Trackers, they`re now the first fully solar-powered, net-zero vineyard in Michigan. To learn more about Crain Hil

Equipment & Solutions

  • Front/Rear Mount Twin Rotor Vineyard Mower

    Front/Rear Mount Twin Rotor Vineyard Mower

    Suitable for 55 to 120HP Tractors (Subject to Compatible Tractor Specifications). Front mount vineyard mower is designed to fit most front linkage tractors. This model is also suitable for rear 3PL mounting by converting blades and repositioning height adjustable roller. Suppled with large diameter rear roller for cutting height control, frontmounted anti-scalp skids provide protection for ...