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Vineyard Spraying equipment for Viticulture

  • Premium

    Bivi Irrorazione - Model SILE - Copper Knapsack Biodynamic Sprayer

    Copper tank and painted metal base. Biodynamic sprayer capacity 16 liters. Equipped with start-up lever on left side. Removable brass and copper pumping unit. Oval lid and oval sieve with brass net. Stainless steel valve 11 mm. Rubber hose, reinforced adjustable straps and shoulder pack. Standard equipment: spray gun with switch-operated cock and ...

    By Bivi Irrorazione s.n.c. based in Preganziol, ITALY. from Biodynamic Sprayers Product line

  • ECO - Green Trailed Sprayers

    For High penetration spraying in canopy with max coverage in fruit trees. Air and pesticide mixture provides excellent coverage and small droplet size . Design is agronomic and flexible to be able to adjust for various levels of canopy growth.Excellent spray distribution over a wide range of pressures.

    By AV AGRITECH INPUTS PVT LTD based in Bijwasan, INDIA.

  • Vine-Tech - Vineyard Weed Boom Sprayer

    Vine Tech manufactures both 2-row and middle of the row weed booms. Vine Tech's weed boom is capable to apply two different spray applications with one pass. An optional photo eye is mounted to only spray when trucks pass in front of photo eye.  Resulting in cost savings. It has hydraulic width adjustment and optional hydraulic height ...

    By Vine Tech Equipment based in Prosser, WASHINGTON (USA). from Sprayers Product line

  • Model ECO-P - Tractor Mounted Sprayers

    The Eco P series for focused treatments is ideal for small and medium-sized farms thanks to a wide range of available accessories: horizontal spray booms of various widths, booms for inter-row and vineyard spraying, spraying machines, hand lances, etc. Tanks capacity: 300 - 400 - 500 up to 600 liters, complete with hand washing tank while the ...

    By Nobili S.p.A. based in Molinella (BO), ITALY. from Sprayers- Tractor Mounted Sprayers Product line

  • Vineyard Harvester Tractor Mounted 3 Row Spray System

    This is where it all began! GreenTech started out manufacturing large 3-Row tractor mounted spray systems to achieve greater efficiency and savings for Southcorp, Penfold Wine and Constellation Wines. GreenTech can custom fit our 3-Row onto just about any conventional harvest tractor and over the row tractor, provided the harvester components can ...

    By GreenTech Australian based in Wingfield, AUSTRALIA. from Tractor Mounted 3 Row Spray System Product line

  • Wylie - Model LGS-50F - Trailer Sprayer

    The Wylie LGS-50F, with hi-flotation knobby tires, is just the right sprayer for many landscape contractors, homeowners, or anyone with a couple of acres. The LGS-50F can be towed behind a utility tractor, mower or ATV. The 10’ or 14’ flat fold boom and 50 gallon tank allow the LGS-50F to cover several acres or get into tight areas in ...

    By WYLIE & Son, Inc. based in Corpus Christi, TEXAS (USA). from Wylie Lawn & Garden/Utility Sprayers Product line

  • 2000L Semi-Adjustable 2 Row System

    The GreenTech 2000L to 4000L Drift Reduction-Recycling Sprayer 2-Row collects the undeposited spray and recycles back into a nominated tank that can be reused. GreenTech has tested this machine in Adelaide Hills vineyards over two seasons with outstanding results.

    By GreenTech Australian based in Wingfield, AUSTRALIA. from Drift Reduction Recycle Spray System Product line

  • Vineyard Weedicide Undervine Sprayers

    Vineyard Weedicide Undervine Sprayers are our specialty. We custom build these machines to suit the farm-specific requirements and terrain. With several optional extras available and using the highest quality components and hardware, our machines are built strong to last....the best value-for-money product on the market.

    By Pastro-Custom AG Pty Ltd. based in Griffith, AUSTRALIA.

  • Trellis Boom

    The trellis boom was designed to be a simple vertical and horizontal spray boom to cover the small acreage vine crops of berries and grapes. One frame can be used for foliar application or weed control. The frame is easily fitted to our universal socket mounts on the Pak, Pul and Nifty Series sprayers. Because of its pipe socket design the spray ...

    By REARS MFG. CO. based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from BOOMS Product line

  • PCA - De-Suckering Sprayers

    PCA Over-row Front-mount Boom with weedseeker De-suckering and Undervine Weedicide. The most advanced multi-purpose de-suckering and undervine weedicide spray unit on the market. Suitable for all size vineyards. It easily reaches 8km/hour for de-suckering and 8km/hour for weedicide spraying. PCA specially-designed spray shields allowing for ...

    By Pastro-Custom AG Pty Ltd. based in Griffith, AUSTRALIA.

  • Pulvasol - Small Mounted Sprayer

    A simple and efficient 200-litre sprayer fitted with a boom or a hose reel. PULVASOL is a constant pressure sprayer, available in 200 litres and fitted with a 7 m boom or a professional hose reel. It has the advantage of the technologies and know-how present on the rest of the BERTHOUD range of mounted sprayers. It is simple to use and has all the ...

    By Berthoud Agricole SAS based in Belleville, FRANCE. from Row Crops Product line

  • HOBBY - Model AA01-19 - Mounted Spray Unit

    Mounted spray unit with three point linkage 100 200.Hot galvanized steel frame.Polyethylene tank.Screw-lid.Strainer filter located under the lid.Hand-washing tank.Suction filter predisposed for self-filling.Diaphragm pump.Pressure regulation unit

    By A.M.A.S. snc based in Pistoia, ITALY. from Spraying Product line

  • MINI Line - Model 200 and 300 L - 3-Point Hitch Air Sprayer

    The MINI line 200 and 300 L With ANTI-DRIFT + ANTI-POLLUTION Technology:Propeller Adjustable 6 sec. Symmetric Distribution, Right-Left. Wide Top Deflectors. Anti-drift nozzles. Tangential Nozzles, front side: no spray mist recirculation. Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+).

    By Tifone s.r.l. based in Cassana, ITALY. from Agricultural Air Sprayers Product line

  • Model ATV 120-200-300-400 LITRES - Trailed Sprayer

    Trailed sprayer with independent engine for espalier vineyards.

    By O.C.L.L srl based in Villanova di Camposanpiero, ITALY. from Hobby Product line

  • Model TXH - 3 Wheels Straddle Tractors

    Intensive work : tractors suitable for heavy loads and able to adapt to all  the reliefs. TIER III motor : to follow environmental rules.  Use at moderate engine power (at work or on the road).Fuel economy and reduction of sound level. Robust chassis and motor in low position : 3 row welded chassis. Triangular design chassis. Motor on ...

    By Tecnoma based in Epernay, FRANCE. from Straddle Tractors- 3 Rows Straddle Tractors Product line

  • Clemens GSG - Model AN 2 and N 2 - Self Operating Crop Sprayer

    The GSG over-row fan sprayers are a new range in the field of plant protection. They are fitted with hydraulically driven cross-current fans. With the 2, 3 and 4-row machines, a new configuration of the fans and a recycling system mean that up to 40% less crop protection agent is used in the course of the season.

    By Clemens GmbH & Co. KG based in Wittlich, GERMANY. from Clemens Viticulture Equipment Product line

  • Model 300 litre series - Portable Sprayers

    The thought-out tank form of the new vineyard sprayers has got compact dimensions despite its rich equipment, optimal weight shifting and enables thus a safe employment in closely spaced areas and on difficult terrains. The thought-out construction furnishes a wide selection among several types of blowers, wing sizes, trailer systems as well as ...

    By Mitterer KG based in Terlan, Südtirol, ITALY. from Portable Sprayers Product line

  • Spider - Model CL - High Clearance Tractors

    In recent years growers have struggled with resistant weeds that can’t be controlled by spraying over the top of the crop. Farmers want a small spot sprayer similar to the ones we built in the 1990s. With 15in. tires and wheels, durable hydraulic circuit and a small engine, we are proud to present the Spider Classic.

    By LeeAgra, Inc. based in Lubbock, TEXAS (USA). from High Clearance Tractors Product line

  • Raz - Three Points Sprayer

    Multifunction sprayer for spraying with spray guns, spray booms etc.

    By Raz Sprayers based in Rishon Le`Zion, ISRAEL. from Vineyards Product line

  • APUS - Model 4 -400-500-600 Litres - Mounted Sprayers

    Convoyeur suitable for rows which  grows in high and for trasversal slope.

    By O.C.L.L srl based in Villanova di Camposanpiero, ITALY. from Vineyard and Orchard Mounted Sprayer Product line

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