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  • The Autonomic is used to deter birds from one of the most popular wine grapes - Case Study

    Location: Nova Scotia, Canada Application context: Vineyard (Food production) Problem definition: Crop loss due to grape-eating birds Pest bird species: Starlings and robins Time of the year of bird presence: From September until the end of October 2016 Time of the day with bird problems: From sunrise to sunset Number of systems: 1 x Autonomic Laser projection area: 14.8 acre (6

  • Cosmetics Molded Pulp Trays

    As china professional supplier of paper pulp,we can design and manufacture bamboo and bagasse molded paper pulp packaging products suitable for industries with the highest cosmetic standards ...


  • Flottweg Partners with German Wine Festival in Warsaw

    April 11, 2019 saw the celebration of the German Wine Festival in the heart of Warsaw. The event took place for the eleventh time. Over 32 exhibitors took part in the German Wine Festival, including wine producers and importers. This year, Flottweg ...

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  • Wine Trimmer

    Wine Trimmer

    The basic set of the trimmer consists in a lower load-bearing frame, provided with an universal joint for the tractor, with hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the span, the uplift and the cutting tilt. The cut bar is a movable double blade section, capable of a 80 mm translation. The controls are operated by a control console in the booth, which controls a electric distributor. An holding shaft ...