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  • Wine Tanks
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    Wine Tanks

    By Hoover Ferguson

    The Hoover Ferguson WineTote is the perfect solution for all of your wine and beverage needs. The WineTote is manufactured in Hoover Ferguson’s ISO 9001:2008 facility and meets the high standards of the wine and ...

  • Wine Grid
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    Wine Grid

    By Air Mercury AG

    This pallet collar is perfect to store or transport wine bottles. It can be used for various other products. It is foldable and stackable up on EUR pallets.

  • Tunnel Wine Trimmer
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    Tunnel Wine Trimmer

    By Agriservice di Facchi Roberto

    The basic set of the trimmer consists in a lower load-bearing frame, provided with an universal joint for the tractor, with hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the span, the uplift and the cutting tilt. The cut bar is a ...

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  • Agriservice di Facchi Roberto

    Agriservice di Facchi Roberto

    AGRISERVICE designs , produces and supplies Vineyard machines and accessories for agricole machines. We have been operating in this field for over 20 ...

  • OxyGuard International A/S

    OxyGuard International A/S

    OxyGuard has been a dedicated leader in providing water quality measuring, monitoring and control equipment for aquaculture industry. Today, we ...