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  • Grape growing, vineyard pests and bird control

    Grape growing, vineyard pests and bird control

    Grape growers everywhere are familiar with vineyard pests, especially pest birds.  The most common vineyard problem birds are robins, starlings, finches, orioles, mockingbirds, and grackles.  One study determined that a flock of 5,000 starlings can consume up to one ton of food over a 10-day period.i  This kind of crop loss can cost grape growers and vine


  • When life throws you grapes, make wine

    With increased pressure to feed a growing global population, farming families have embraced modern science and technology to maximise output at whatever cost. So when John and Wilma Huisman took over the family farm in Balkbrug, in the eastern ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Peristaltic Pump

    Peristaltic Pump

    The peristaltic pump is suitable for the processing of wine, whole, pressed and stalked grapes and marc. Its functioning is based on the rotating rolls pression principle, where, the product is pushed away to the exit by pressing progressively a rubber tube. The alternation between compression and relaxation of the tube allows the continuous flow of the product into the system and consequently ...