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  • Higher grape yield, lower costs and better wine - Case Study

    Higher grape yield, lower costs and better wine - Case Study

    Company: Summerhill Road Vineyard Location: Bungendore, Australia Product: Agrilaser Autonomic Reason: Grape damage due to birds In use since: March 2016Situation beforeThe Summerhill Road vineyard, located within the Canberra Wine District of Australia, grows grapes for the p


  • When life throws you grapes, make wine

    With increased pressure to feed a growing global population, farming families have embraced modern science and technology to maximise output at whatever cost. So when John and Wilma Huisman took over the family farm in Balkbrug, in the eastern ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tunnel Wine Trimmer

    Tunnel Wine Trimmer

    The basic set of the trimmer consists in a lower load-bearing frame, provided with an universal joint for the tractor, with hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the span, the uplift and the cutting tilt. The cut bar is a movable double blade section, capable of a 80 mm translation. The controls are operated by a control console in the booth, which controls a electric distributor. An holding shaft ...