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  • Wine Storage/Wine Cellar

    Wine Storage/Wine Cellar

    WINE STORAGE AND WINE CELLAR The traditional way to store wine is making underground caves, in which temperature is relatively low and no much ventilation. Nowadays, residential and commercial wine cellars are common. Temperature and humidity are the two essential factors which govern proper wine storage at their best quality. Many people ask whether I still in need of a dehumidifier although I ...

  • Wine Cellar

    Wine Cellar

    Wine cellars are unique areas in a building designed to store wine,and storage of wine is an important consideration for long-term aging. The three factors that have the most pronounced effect on ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System

    Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System

    Thenow wine cellar cooling units split system is intended for cellars without access to proper ventilation. They are known for their efficiency and longevity. Each unit is designed to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity in spaces where proper ventilation is not feasible. The evaporator is installed inside and the condensing unit can be placed as far as 30m away. Since it exhausts ...