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Rice Testing equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

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    Enerpat - Model VB-RH63 - Vertical Automatic Rice Husk Baler

    The Enerpat VB-RH63 vertical rice husk baler is the most successful vertical baler for compacting rice husk into desnity bales.we tested the baler for many times,when the top ram pressing froce set as 63 tons,the bale size is 1100 for width and 700mm for deepth,the bale weight is 220kgs.

    By Enerpat Group UK Ltd based in Nantong, CHINA. from Vertical Balers - Customized Balers Product line

  • Rice Hydro - Model EL1 - Hydrostatic Test Pump

    The Rice Hydro EL1 Hydrostatic Test Pump is a low volume, medium pressure hydrostatic test pump. The EL1 Electric Hydrostatic Test Pump is designed for testing sprinkler systems, irrigation lines, pressure vessels, plant process piping, and small diameter water lines.

    By Regal Tool and Supply LLC based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Hydrostatic Pumps Product line

  • shuliy - Model sl - Rice mill machine

    Rice mill is a mechanical device that processes rice into refined rice, which is widely used in rural areas in the south. If the rice mill is used improperly, there will be unclear separation of rice and bran, and more broken rice. Therefore, it is necessary to master its correct use. There are two types of rice mill installation: fixed and ...

    By Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery based in CHINA.

  • Perten - Model AM 5200 - Grain Moisture Tester

    Second Generation 150 MHz Technology - Moisture and Hectoliter Weight/Test Weight in 10 seconds. The AM 5200 is Perten’s second-generation high frequency moisture meter. Drawing on the experience from more than 1,000 installed units, we have designed a moisture meter improved in every aspect – accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and ...

  • Kett Riceter - Handheld Rice Moisture Meter

    The Riceter is the world’s largest selling moisture meter. Originally developed in the 1950’s, the latest versions will test rice using both JIS and USDA rice moisture measurement criteria. Some versions have calibrations for testing other small seed crops like wheat and barley. The compact Riceter is battery powered and includes a ...

    By Kett US based in Villa Park, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rice Quality Measurement Instruments Product line

  • Rice,Wheat Moisture Tester - Rice,Wheat Moisture Tester

    The Farmpoint moisture meter is the original Supertech product designed to measure the moisture level of grain and seeds. It provides essential assistance in the field when determining the best time for harvesting and is also used for regular moisture measurement during the drying process and in storage. If grain is harvested wetter than ...

    By Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd based in UGANDA.

  • Victor - Model SO Series - Rice Destoning Machine

    SO series rice destoning machine is used to separate stones and other heavy or light impurities from grain and rice, such as paddy rice, wheat,corn,sorghum, soybean, peanut, rapeseed, etc.Rice stone removing machine using the principle of vibration screening to remove sand,stone and sundries in grain.this kind of rice destoning machine equipment ...

    By Victor Rice Mill based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Model 50ohm SMB - Female Flexible Cable Connector

    We have advanced manufacturing equipments and testing instruments. -We have the shorter lead time.Comprehensive produce process as follow: Copper bar machining electroplating assembleCopper bare:90tons/monthMachining:owned more than 50 sets professional machineElectroplating:USD1000,000 yield per monthAssemble:more than 300 ...

    By Sourcing Place based in Hsinchu City, TAIWAN. from Agriculture - Rice Product line

  • Kett - Model RN300 - Automatic Rice Grader Instrument

    This unique instrument standardizes rice grading. Individual rice kernels are scanned, visible photos digitized and then categorized by preset criteria. Factory calibrations for both brown rice and polished white rice are provided. Customers can modify selection characteristics if desired. The compact measurement station can be taken to supplier ...

    By Kett US based in Villa Park, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rice Quality Measurement Instruments Product line

  • Model PT-2600 - Single Kernel Rice Moisture Tester

    This simple-to-use device allows the user to maintain correct moisture content when drying paddy rice in a circulating dryer.  Simply set the moisture control to the desired moisture content and turn the selector switch to the automatic mode.  Using electrical resistance, individual kernels are captured in the sensor and their moisture ...

    By Kett US based in Villa Park, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rice Quality Measurement Instruments Product line

  • Model PQ5205 - Single Grain & Rice Moisture Meter

    The PQ5205 provides fast, continuous measurement of moisture, one kernel at a time.Based on capacitance, this measurement allows the user to accurately determine the moisture distribution of a large sample in minutes.  A 300 kernel set can be measured in only two minutes, allowing the processor to optimize quality and the mill or farm to ...

    By Kett US based in Villa Park, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Agricultural Grain and Seed Moisture Meters Product line

  • Portable moisture meter for dry grains - Portable moisture meter for dry grains

    Best Harvest Rice, Grains and Crop Moisture Tester • Measures Moisture and Dry Matter Content of Silage, Forage, Hay and More • Control Dry Matter Intake in TMRs (total mixed rations) • Accurate to 0.1% Moisture Content• Measures Moisture Content from 0% to 85%• Reliable Ceramic Heater Core• Stainless Steel ConstructionWe are located at Wandegeya ...

    By Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd based in UGANDA.

  • CropScan - Model 1000B - Whole Grain Analyser

    CropScan 1000B Near Infrared Transmission Analyser designed to measure protein and moisture in whole grains of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, triticale, soybean, corn, rice, peas, beans etc. An optional test weight module is available for the Cropscan 1000B and the CropNet Weighbridge Software to read a weighbridge monitor and produce ...

    By Next Instruments Pty Ltd based in Condell Park,, AUSTRALIA. from CropScan Products Product line

  • Nordic Scientific - Rice Testing Mill (Rice Polisher)

    In this machine 2-3 handfull grains can be tested and polished in a short time. It is provided with single phase motor with grinding wheels for polishing the grain and is provided with sieve for removal of bran. works on 220V, 50hz AC

    By Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB based in Lund, SWEDEN.

  • Model PR920 - Rice Flour Moisture Tester

    The moisture content of both rice flour and milled rice can be promptly measured with this one tester. Rice flour has been used increasingly for bread, confectionery,and noodles instead of f lour recently, which has created a surge in demand for rice flour. Rice flour has become popular not only because its texture and unique sweetness but also ...

    By IROM Italia S.r.l. based in Brugherio (MB), ITALY.

  • DuPont Pioneer - Hybrid Rice Technology

    DuPont Pioneer began its hybrid rice breeding program in India in 1987 following the successful adoption of hybrid rice technology and increased rice yields in China. Today Pioneer offers 10 commercial hybrids of differing maturities, areas of adaptation, and grain quality preferences across India, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and Vietnam.

    By DuPont Pioneer based in Johnston, IOWA (USA).

  • Model AMS-RH1.1 - Driving Small Rice Harvester

    With this driving-type small rice harvester, people can sit on the seat in the back of the machine and harvest by bag for collecting rice and wheat grains. We have tested the machine with KUBOTA harvester machine together and they have similar efficiency, crushing rate, loss rate; the difference is capacity, KUBOTA is designed for large scale ...

    By Amisy Farming Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Paddy/Wheat Harvester Product line

  • SeedCount - Model SC5000 - Digital Imaging Systems

    SeedCount and CornCount are digital imaging systems specifically designed for the grain industry. They use software and flatbed scanner technology to rapidly and accurately analyse a sample of grain and determine its physical characteristics. They generates detailed data tables that can be exported to any spreadsheet or database program and ...

    By Next Instruments Pty Ltd based in Condell Park,, AUSTRALIA. from Seed Count Products Product line

  • Arcadia - Stacked Traits

    Trait stacks are combinations of multiple individual traits. Trait stacks can be made by using conventional plant breeding and by combining multiple traits in a molecular stack that is then inserted into a target crop’s genome. Arcadia’s Deep portfolios of agronomic stress tolerance traits will deliver the most competitive yield ...

    By Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. based in Davis, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model TR250 - Advanced Automatic Rice Husker

    This simple-to-use instrument automatically husks rice samples to provide brown rice. This process is used to generate consistent samples for accurate moisture measurements as well as for many unique R&D applications. 

    By Kett US based in Villa Park, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rice Quality Measurement Instruments Product line

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