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  • Nutrient Management: Recycling Residuals Into Animal Feed

     Composting Reduces Fuel and Labor Costs on Family Farms Jeff and Pam Riesgraf — who manage a certified organic dairy and crop operation near Jordan, Minnesota — began composting manure from their dairy herd in 1993. They had two major objectives. First, they wanted to reduce weed seeds naturally present in manure. At the same time, they understood the need to protect water quality by ...

    By BioCycle Magazine

  • Maximize Growth Potential & Production

    Every farm environment has unique opportunities and challenges. Your young animals’ performance is determined by your ability to recognize their specific needs and to make the necessary adjustments to your feeding program based on their genetic potential, housing environment, and environmental conditions. The greater the producers’ ability to recognize the challenges of the ...

    By Grober Nutrition USA

  • Karakul sheep production in Kazakhstan: an efficient collective enterprise under the state farm (sovkhoz) system and its collapse with the break–up of the Soviet Union

    Prior to the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, Karakul sheep in Kazakhstan were raised mainly on large collective state farms, sovkhozes. Farmers had to meet quotas on lamb and pelt numbers and received wages, while state farms provided veterinary and breeding services, animal feed and marketing. With the break–up of the Soviet Union, land ownership, farm facilities, animals and payment ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Probiotics: a second mother for young ruminants?

    Lallemand presents new ruminant study at the 5thBeneficial Microbes Conference in Amsterdam Lallemand Animal Nutrition participated in the 5th Beneficial Microbes Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Oct. 10-12, 2016. This unique event gathers international scientists focusing their research on beneficial microbes supporting the health and well-being of both humans and ...

    By Lallemand Animal Nutrition

  • 5 C’s Of Calf Care

    Every producer has individual opportunities and challenges due to their housing environment and management strategy. The key to maximizing growth, health, and long-term profitability is establishing a sound system of care for your pre-ruminant livestock. No matter the system you choose, ensuring these 5 keys to management are acknowledged and defined for you and your team will enhance the ...

    By Grober Nutrition USA

  • Searching for the best dog to save livestock — and wildlife

    Can the right breed help keep both domestic animals and native carnivores alive? This story was co-published with High Country News, a nonprofit media organization that covers the important issues and stories that define the American West. On a bright fall morning in central Washington, a flock of ...

    By Ensia

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