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  • Dosatron Fertigation Pumps

    Dosatron Fertigation Pumps

    Dosatron dosing pumps are renowned the world over for their reliability, efficiency and usefulness in the field. Dosatron pumps can be used in a wide variety of applications. Agro Vision Biotech Consultants Consultant has found them to be invaluable in agricultural projects especially in hydroponics projects. The biggest challenge that hydroponics farmers face is the precise and reliable release of micro-nutrients and antibiotics into the liquid...

  • Crop Cover

    Crop Cover

    Open field crops are susceptible to frost damage in winters. AVBC has introduced the perfect solution to protect crops from frost damage in cold weather conditions. Our solution is called crop cover. Our crop cover is made from very economical fabric that prevents frost from affecting the plants under cover. At the same time the fabric allows the plants to breathe freely under cover. The humidity level varies just a few percent from the normal under...