Agromasters LTD

Agromasters  is a leading constructional company on the field of milking systems & farm equipment since 1983. Our company specialized in design and manufacture of a wide range of milking systems  for  Cows , sheep goats & camels & other farm equipments like Automatic scrapers, feeding systems. Agromasters  priority is the choice of qualitative and flexible systems in order to ensure fast and efficient milking, but always with the most competitive prices in the global market. We have applied since 2007 a quality management system en ISO 9001:2000 for manufacturing, marketing, installation of milking systems and units of live stock farming.

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Aisopou 22 , Thessaloniki , Makedonia Thraki 54627 Greece

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Agriculture - Livestock
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Agromasters has more than 28 years experience and knowledge in milking systems industry with exports in more than 20 countries in Europe , northern Africa , middle east.

Our main activity is concentraited on the development of high quality :

•  Milking systems 
•  Facilities and milking equipments 
•  Complete livestock installations

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•  Quality Policy
Agromasters is a leading constructional company with more than 28 years of experience in the design, development, and installation of milking systems. Our knowledge and powerful bonds on the field of livestock farming, ensures continuously sovereign role in the Global market. All ...

•  Factory
In 2009 Agromasters has made a big investment on its privately owned 5000 square meters Manufacturing plant , in order to produce high quality milking equipment in modern facilities and with the most advanced mechanical equipment available . ...

•  History
Agromastersis a family-owned constructional company, located in Thessaloniki, Greece .It was found by Charalampos Baltatzis in 1983.Nowadays is one of the leading Europeancompanies specialised in the production of different types of milking systemsand other farm equipments . Ourphilosophy is to maximize...