BioCoTech Americas LLC

BioCoTech Americas LLC

BioCoTech Americas is the exclusive licensed distributor of the BioSpeed in-vessel aerobic composting products in the Americas. Our unique and proven environmental technologies cut economic costs by processing organic waste on-site, while generating environmental value by diverting trash from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and producing nutrient rich compost that can be used as fertilizer. As solid waste production continues to increase at alarming rates throughout the Americas, large companies, campuses, and small business alike must stay ahead of the curve to comply with zero-waste initiatives and meet new market demands for social and environmental sustainability. BioCoTech America`s BioSpeed composting technology is the sustainable solution to your organic waste problem.

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393 Corona Street STE 52 , Denver , Colorado, USA
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BioCoTech Americas is a Colorado based LLC advocating the use of environmental technology developed by the Norway-based company BioCoTech AS. BioCoTech AS has a strong focus on renewable energy production and environmental sustainability, and its BioSpeed technologies are are popular products in one of the most environmentally strict and progressive countries in the world.  We are dedicated to expanding the use of BioSpeed products throughout the Americas.