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BOAL Systemen is specialized in the development and production of aluminium structures and market leader in aluminium greenhouse systems. The company has an international network of construction companies who apply systems in their buildings. The direct link with extrusion plants in Holland, Belgium and England ensure a qualitative and reliable product and support the innovative nature of BOAL Systemen. Together with the extrusion plants, the Boal Group employs 500 people and has an annual turnover of 170 million Euros.

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Marie Curiestraat 3 , HC `s-Gravenzande , NL - 2691 Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

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The first condition in the development and production of aluminium systems is that the product meets the quality standards of Boal Systemen. Each production provides statics and each system passes a number of in-house quality controls before reaching the customer. Recorded in ISO9001-2008/VCA BOAL Systemen manages a controlled process from pressing the profiles to deliverance on site. Boal Systemen optimizes its products in collaboration with the Dutch knowledge institute TNO. The minimization of errors and ease of construction are important aspects taken into account in the development of the systems.. By avoiding free spelling and sliding clamp connections, wear and deformation are prevented to maximize durability.

BOAL Systemen is the expert when it comes to aluminium glazing systems. Of all industries especially the demands of the greenhouse industry are very well known. The aluminium roof cover foresees in a durable glass support and at the same time is important for the strength of the construction. By using the strength of the aluminium profiles, less construction parts are used resulting in a maximum light transmission. BOAL Systemen not only delivers a durable structure, it also looks after the durability of the glass panes and the sustainability of the crop growth. Insulation, watertightness, a solid glass imposition and an extensive condensation drainage system ensure a high efficiency in the growth of crops.

BOAL Systemen operates with a vision of cooperation and specialization. Innovations can be initiated from multiple disciplines such as internal logistics, climate control, glass optimization, screening and construction. As BOAL Systemen centers its expertise on the aluminium construction, cooperation with other disciplines is needed to innovate in a broader perspective. Where the global greenhouse industry is fragmentized, the Dutch horticulture is centered in the Westland. Boal Systemen makes use of the available knowledge from a network of companies, universities and research institutions. By bringing multiple areas of expertise together cooperative innovations result in excellent products which are easily accepted by the market.

Research & Development
For BOAL Systemen innovation is the key capability for maintaining its leading position. The strong development department, the brought network, the change-oriented culture and the aluminium expertise make BOAL Systemen distinctive in its innovative capacity. Many process- and product innovations derive directly from market requirements. The integration of solar systems, the use of double glass in horticulture, the sandwich systems for engine rooms and the outside screening systems for greenhouses are examples of innovation triggered by market requirements. Simultaneously the research on frame breaking innovations continues on areas such as (semi-) closed greenhouses, LED lightning and energy neutral greenhouses. In cooperation with research institutions and innovative partners BOAL Systemen contributes to many innovations in the greenhouse industry.

Thanks to its specialization BOAL Systemen has much expertise and affinity with aluminium constructions and the greenhouse industry. Its focus on quality and innovation has been rewarded in the greenhouse industry for 40 years know. With the available product and market knowledge its leading position will not be relinquished.

BOAL is founded by Marinus Boers on September 1st 1970 as a manufacturer of aluminium glazing systems. Marinus Boers comes from a family of greenhouse builders and is as an engineer interested in aluminium. The development of the aluminium greenhouse is soon initiated within BOAL.

The use of aluminium as supporting structure, allows for hollow profiles to be applied for extra strength with less material consumption. Since 1974 BOAL extrudes the aluminium profiles in-house. Since then, hollow, thin-walled and complex profiles are produced and applied by BOAL.

With the in-house aluminium extrusion the product development of BOAL Systemen becomes a competitive advantage. The favorable market conditions in 1979 lead to a year sale of 350 acres of greenhouse roof. The introduction of the first aluminum gutter in April 1982 represents a major breakthrough in the Dutch greenhouse industry. The high light-transmission, energy-efficiency and watertightness of the BOAL P.B. Gutter are a major improvement compared to the hitherto used steel gutter. The further improved gutter wins the Aluminium Award for best product in 1990. This is widely seen as a reward for BOAL innovative nature and leading position in the use of aluminium for greenhouses.

While BOAL Systemen books progress in the greenhouse industry, Boal Profielen is successful in the automotive, construction and furniture industry. Profile offers much potential in these industries. In this stage the BOAL Group grows fast. BOAL Systemen is relocated to a larger plot in ‘s-Gravenzande and new extrusion companies are opened in Belgium and Great-Britain. The innovation capacity becomes a core capability of BOAL Systemen and the market grows to an international arena. The continuous growth results in new investments in the late nineties. The production capacity of the three extruders and BOAL Systemen is almost doubled when the group enters the new millennium.

In 2005 the founder of BOAL; Marinus Boers, retires as CEO and the company is directed by Ronald Boers since 2007. Herewith the continuity of the family business is ensured and the sixth growth phase of the company can deploy with new impetus.