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  • Slurry Distribution

  • Möscha - Model Exact - Exact Swivel Distributor System

    Möscha - Model Exact - Exact Swivel Distributor System

    The Möscha exact swivel distributor offers a coarse-dropped distribution of slurry, which results in a low loss of nitrogen. The pendulum movement which is initiated by the slurry guide plates, working width of up to 18m, depending on the outlet pressure, can be reached.

  • Drag Hose Applicator

    Drag Hose Applicator

    This procedure has the advantage of reducing unpleasant smells and a low loss of nitrogen. Furthermore, this technique has the advantage that when the plants are already growing the green parts do not get in contact with the slurry and are therefore not vitriolized by it. The hose applicators are made by Vogelsang, the internationally renowned manufacturer of distribution equipment. The applicators are adjusted and mounted at BSA.

  • Disc injector All Track Farmer

    Disc injector All Track Farmer

    The Duport injection equipment offers the best quality of work under different conditions. The development was influenced by many years of experience in practical applications. The equipment is simple, solid and cost effective and can be mounted on every tanker. The slot depth is adjustable between 2 - 6 cm. Duport has been a partner of BSA in the Netherlands for a long time and is specialized in slurry injection....

  • Model X-Till - Strip Tillage

    Model X-Till - Strip Tillage

    The innovative XTill-Principle is based on an especially precise and effektive method of operation. The aggregates which carry the tools are individually depth-guided and work with a hydraulic pressurisation. This way they adopt optimally to the conditions of the soil. In order to prevent the entry of plant remains which drain the soil of nutrients the Strip Till-Process of the XTill removes all plant...

  • Tankers

  • Model PTW - Pump Tanker

    Model PTW - Pump Tanker

    BSA-pump tankers are an established player in the market. The combination of steel tanker and BSA eccentric screw pump have been a synonym for flexibility, quality and durability for over 50 years. Due to the continuous development and the broad range of products we offer the perfectly equipped slurry tanker for all operations, no matter if livestock breeding, contractors or biogas plants.

  • Combi Tanker

    Combi Tanker

    We refer to our tankers used for transport as combi tankers. With its lextensive and complete equipment the combi tanker is the optimal link in the slurry chain in order to further improve the spreading of slurry. Equipped with vacuum technology or even with one of our eccentric screw pumps the vehicle can be filled actively. The sophisticated chassis which was especially designed for high loads offers safe and comfortable manoeverabillity when...