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  • Tankers

  • Combi Tanker

    Combi Tanker

    We refer to our tankers used for transport as combi tankers. With its lextensive and complete equipment the combi tanker is the optimal link in the slurry chain in order to further improve the spreading of slurry. Equipped with vacuum technology or even with one of our eccentric screw pumps the vehicle can be filled actively. The sophisticated chassis which was especially designed for high loads offers safe and comfortable manoeverabillity when...

  • Pumps

  • Eccentric Screw Pumps

    Eccentric Screw Pumps

    Superior quality due to sophisticated technology. For 50 years BSA has been producing eccentric screw pumps for heavy-duty applications in agriculture and industry. More than 40.000 pumps have been produced and delivered so far. Due to sophisticated technologies and outstanding material the BSA eccentric screw pump is a product with high performance and an extremely long life span. The large amount of in- house production guarantees continuous...

  • Slurry Distribution

  • Model Duo 2000 - Baffle Plate Spreader

    Model Duo 2000 - Baffle Plate Spreader

    The baffle plate or gooseneck spreader offers simple but effective distribution of liquid slurry. This spreader is part of the standard equipment of pump tankers and vacuum tankers. It has an aluminum coasted head and the angle of inclination can be adjusted. With pump tankers a working width of up to 18m can be reached, with vacuum tankers up to 12m working width.

  • Möscha  - Model Exact  - Swivel Distributor Spreaders

    Möscha - Model Exact - Swivel Distributor Spreaders

    The Möscha exact swivel distributor offers a coarse-dropped distribution of slurry, which results in a low loss of nitrogen. The pendulum movement which is initiated by the slurry guide plates, working width of up to 18m, depending on the outlet pressure, can be reached.