Bullock Tillage

Bullock Tillage

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  • Model T15 - Flexi Seeder

    Model T15 - Flexi Seeder

    The Flexiseeder is a versatile pneumatic applicator that can sow small seeds such as rape, mustard etc with an application range of 2 – 30 kg/hectare and is ideal for machines of 0.5 to 6 metres in width. The flexi Seeder has a two speed metering motor and is available with 5 to 10 outlets with either an 80 litre or 120 litre hopper. Four types of rotor are available: Green for small flow e.g Rape, Yellow for medium flow e.g Mustard, Red for...

  • Multi Seeder

    Multi Seeder

    Suitable for distributing most small seeds including grass seed and cover crops and is best positioned onto a grass harrow or cultivator enabling cultivations and seeding to be carried out in one pass. Spread width of 2.5 to 5metres adjustable by deflector plates for accurate seed distribution. With the deflector hood removed the Multi Seeder will spread slug pellets to a width of 12 metres. Settings allow for flow rates of 0 – 300 kg/hour. (60...