Bullock Tillage

Bullock Tillage

Model T15 - Flexi Seeder


The Flexiseeder is a versatile pneumatic applicator that can sow small seeds such as rape, mustard etc with an application range of 2 – 30 kg/hectare and is ideal for machines of 0.5 to 6 metres in width. The flexi Seeder has a two speed metering motor and is available with 5 to 10 outlets with either an 80 litre or 120 litre hopper. Four types of rotor are available: Green for small flow e.g Rape, Yellow for medium flow e.g Mustard, Red for high flow e.g Rye Grass and stainless steel for fertiliser. The machine is supplied with a 3 function control box featuring fan on/off, rotor on/off and seed rate control, a 25 metre roll of 25mm pipe and a green rotor for small seeds. Options include additional rotors, spreader plates which throw seed approximately half a metre, a control command box with sensor that automatically adjusts seed rate to match forward speed or a control command box with GPS.

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