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  • Deep Soil Preparation- Ameublissors

  • Carre NEOLAB DELTA - Ameublissors

    Carre NEOLAB DELTA - Ameublissors

    NEOLAB is intended to replace the plough and to decompact with a V-mounted or in-line chassis and a clearance under the frame of 800 mm. NEOLAB works the soil without turning with 'Michel' tines, bolt or non-stop hydraulic safety devices, up to 0.50 m. The working widths vary from 2.50 to 4 m. NEOLAB can be fitted with corrugated double disc rollers, notched disc rollers or square bar rollers.

  • Deep Soil Preparation- Subsoiler

  • Carre DECOMPACK - Subsoiler

    Carre DECOMPACK - Subsoiler

    DECOMPAK is used for decompacting any type of soil, under the plough pan up to 40 cm, with a clearance under the frame of 800 mm. POLYLAB is used for 'pseudo-plough' decompacting with a clearance under the frame of 800 mm. There are 3, 5, 7 and 9-tine versions.

  • Deep Soil Preparation- Cultivator and Stubble Plough

  • Carre ONATAR - Cultivator

    Carre ONATAR - Cultivator

    ONATAR is a semi-mounted tool for restarting ploughing and stubble breaking. The ploughing depth can be adjusted from 5 to 30 cm at 8 Km/h. With a choice of 5 tine models possible with a pitch of 275 on 4 beams, ONATAR provides an optimum flow of soil, even when there are significant residues. There are seven types of adaptable standard rear equipment. ONATAR comes in 6, 7 and 8 metre versions which can be folded hydraulically to 3 m for transport....

  • Surface Soil Preparation- Danish Cultivators

  • Carre PENTASOL- Danish - Cultivator

    Carre PENTASOL- Danish - Cultivator

    PENTASOL and POLYSOL are mounted 3-point tools for preparing a seedbed making it possible to work at a depth of up to 15 cm and an optimum speed of 12 km/h. Their immense versatility in terms of equipment, spacing and types of tine make them an ideal tool to cope with all types of soil and requirements. The tine distribution, over 4, 5 or 6 rows according to version, allows a flow which cannot be equalled. There are fixed versions, 2.70 and 3.30...

  • Sowing - Fertilizing - Tine Seed Drill

  • PENTASEM - Tines Seed Drill

    PENTASEM - Tines Seed Drill

    PENTASEM is a ride-on simplified seeding tool with tines, associated with pneumatic distribution, adapted on a base close to that of PENTASOL. It is used to plant a crop at high speed, using straight 45 × 12 tines fitted with a seed broadcaster. The positioning of the tines in 5 rows simplifies and improves the flow of plant debris without any risk of jamming. The power required is 4 hp per tine for optimal use at 12km/h.

  • Sowing - Fertilizing - Fertilizer Applicator

  • FERTILOC + - Fertilizer Applicator

    FERTILOC + - Fertilizer Applicator

    FERTILOC+ is a ride-on independent 3 point system for providing solid fertiliser to row crops. FERTILOC+ can also be used alone at the front or rear of the tractor. The fertiliser is spread by gravity, by electric or hydraulic blowers according to requirement.  The independent adjustment cells allow a variable flow rate of up to 450 kg/ha.